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YouTube VR What is the plan

At the end of Oct 2016, Google company intends to announce the fall a version of its YouTube VR app designed for virtual reality technology. The app allows users to strap on a head-mounted display to view conventional clips and 360 degree videos for a quite impressive 3D experience. In the near future I think users can watch films on YouTube via a VR headset thanks to Google’s innovation. Since the YouTube VR technology, aburgeoning trend that has captivated the VR industry through its ability to transport users into totally different digital worlds. YouTube, which is the most popular worldwide online video platform, potentially spurs its millions of viewers to try out YouTube VR headsets just as artists begin to experiment new creations.

YouTube VR

YouTube VR Various Platforms

YouTube VR will firstly be exclusive to Google’s brand new VR platform, which will work with Android devices. However, Google has not claim cooperation with Apple devices, Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift compatibility yet. The YouTube VR app would have all of users’ saved videos and channel subscriptions if you have got a Google Daydream device. A number of world leading VR headset brands have already created a virtual film theater experience VR Apps such as  Netflix and Oculus. Well all these two brands have quite good screen resolution for displaying movies. YouTube VR has not made a final decision whether not to create a theater-type gaming or film experience.

YouTube VR

YouTube VR Using Experience

YouTube VR supports a new wave of 360 degree, spherical videos that unfold all around you. The so-called YouTube 360 videos will be specially promoted in the YouTube VR app, including high res stereo 3D ones filmed with Google’s special Jump camera, a collaboration with action camera company GoPro. Well, GoPro is quite well known for its wide angle and high screen pixels. Other brands like SJCAM seems to be a challenge for GoPro. Users will be able to use your voice to search for specific videos instead of tapping out letters on a keyboard, or channel surf by clicking from one video to the next. However, flat videos won’t necessarily be the main attraction.  While wearing a VR headset, the videos are front and center in the YouTube VR app, constantly playing even as you use the app’s appear-out-of-thin-air menu to select what you want to watch next.

YouTube VR

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