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Electric cars in EU Countries

So far a number of countries and cities in the north part of EU, for example, Romso, have introduced different types of electric cars. Romso is known as the gateway to the Arctic, and there is nearly no sunshine for about two months of the year. The city has attracted the attention of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk, one of the founders of Tesla. Actually, Norway is the nation that leading worldwide electric cars per capital. Compared to other developed countries such as the USA or Japan, some north EU countries did spend more on electric cars. According to some local residents of north part EU, it is a really good feeling to drive a clean and electric car.

Electric cars

Electric cars

Electric cars Subsidy

A number of north EU countries have lunched their subsidy plan for domestic electric cars consumption, for example: no purchase taxes, low annual road tax, free municipal parking, no VAT on leasing, or VAT exemption on electric car purchase. Also in Norway, personal electric cars are allowed to access to bus lanes. These policy brought the cost of an electric car into line with a conventionally powered one. For many of local residents in north EU, their entire cost of electric cars will be recouped within eight years thanks to the tax and fuel savings.

Electric cars

Electric carsElectric cars

Electric cars Challenges

It seems that one of the questions the public and researches has considered is the battery capacity of electric cars. After all, lack of range is the electric car’s Achilles heel. Actually for some north EU countries they are fortunate enough to have close to FREE and FULL renewable and cheap hydro power production. For example, based on a statement of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association, even if all three million cars in the country were electric, Norway would suck up just below 6% of the annual hydro power electricity production. That sounds really impressive!

Electric cars

It seems that Norway is rich enough to subsidise its electric car lifestyle. Well the fact is Norway is the biggest oil producer in Western Europe and the world’s third largest exporter of natural gas. However, some researches have shown that electric car performance can deteriorate largely in extreme cold or hot conditions. Nissan, which is the biggest selling electric vehicle in Norway, pointed out that the car’s 120 miles per hour maximum speed can fall significantly in icier conditions. Well, nevertheless, electric cars still need to be improved in battery usage and weather tests.

Electric cars


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