Tumblr Live Video available for users in June 2016

Tumblr Live Video Where does it come from

Just got some news that live video services have now been available to Tumblr platforms. The live video page is livevideo.tumblr.com. For the first day of its setup, Tumblr provides a live broadcast from the surface of Mars ! That’s sounds really impressive!. The program of livestreams kicking of at 4 p.m. EST. Other live activities include sports matches such as NBA, and some reality shows. However, the piece of news does not came from Tumblr official staff. Instead one of Tumblr blogging fans announced the news. Tumblr itself has not made any public announcements, but sooner in the future Tumblr will be open its live video services to worldwide users.


Tumblr vs Competitors

Tumblr, which owns more than 500 million monthly users, has now become a strong competitor against Twitter’s Periscope, Facebook Live and Amazon Twitch. The platform is a micro blogging and social networking site. It was founded by David Karp in New York in 2007. So far part of its shares belong to Yahoo. One of the biggest advantage for Tumblr is users can post multimedia other content on their own blogs sites. Much of the website’s features are accessed from the “dashboard” interface just like another famous blogging platform WordPress. Well, actually if you check carefully between Tumblr and WordPress, you would probably find a series of common points: the dashboard function, the post tags function and the HTML editor feature. WordPress was founded in 2003. So far for the top 100 million Alexa ranking sites, around 18% of them are set based on WordPress platforms. Although Tumblr seems to be a strong competitor for blogging platforms, WordPress is still the most popular blogging platforms for current digital market.


Tumblr Criticisms

Well Tumblr once faced some criticisms for copyright violation and online security issues. At the end of 2012, the company was attacked by a cross-site scripting worm deployed by the Internet group Gay Nigger Association of America.  Appeal of Tumblr has made it ideal for blogs that often include copyrighted works from other bloggers that are re-published without any payment. The company has been forced to manage spam and security problems. A letter scam in May 2011 affected more than 100 thousands Tumblr users. The comapny accepts Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Tumblr users can post unoriginal content by “Reblogging”, which is a feature on the blogging platform that allows users to re-post content taken from another blog onto their own blog site. It seems that the message allow users to criticized blogging.




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