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Tutoring is one the world’s oldest jobs. However, for modern days, even a vocation so entrenched cannot escape the using of daily tutors. It seems that as the increasing of competition in job market, modern parents are in huge stress of exams season so they have to turn to a tutoring industry using tutor app. A considerable number of Asia countries and regions have introduced tutor app and some other related online technology or services. For example, some founders of HK international enterprises developed app allows students to ask questions with a snapshot and then matches them with a tutor within seconds to have a quick learning session.

Tutor App

So far these kind of tutor app services have received students requests from all over Asia areas, such as Taiwan or Singapore. Students have great chances to ask questions to lectures from Asia TOP universities in tutor app. Students can use image, text or audio to communicate. In the past, private tutors working in person, rather than tutor app. However, their capacity to earn is limited by constraints of time and work balance. Now through tutor app, tutors can earn much more by being able to work flexibly in any spare time.


Tutor App Influence on Family

App has also changed the way that parents choose tutors for their children. For example, the British tutor app Tutor Hunt provides parents and students to browse through a adequate list of tutors offering various subjects. Students are correspond with them and are arranged lessons. So far more than 250,000 people have used the tutor app services to find tutors. Some other tutor app competitors even provide online tuition via Skype and other video services, and interactive whiteboard tutor app. Taking tutoring fully online certainly has its considerable advantage, opening up a much bigger student database to tutors. Additionally, the Tutor Hunt app requires tutors to upload some personal information for checking, such as a high-resolution photograph of passport. Students can also leave feedback to their tutors on the app, so low rating tutors will be removed from the tutor list.

Tutor App

Tutor App Influence on Domestic Education


In some Africa countries or regions, for example, Egypt, local startup is testing its own whiteboard app that allows for tutorials to take place entirely online. Likewise, Nigerian companies also allow for solely online tutor app, signalling the emergence of a truly global trend. Actually in a great number of cases tutor app actively undermines a student’s ability to learn independently when using a App or related services.

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