Paperless Ticket Traveling and Advanced Technology

Paperless Ticket Traveling Overview

In the past People may have to travel with lots of paper tickets and cashes. However, with the assistance of advanced technology and Paperless Ticket booking systems, travelling lovers can now makes their trips more convenient than before. You can do it all on your smart phone through a number of travel apps, so say goodbye to endless paper tickets.

Paperless Ticket Traveling Flights

In 2007, phone flight Paperless Ticket came out. So far the majority of global airlines and airports companies worldwide have used Paperless Ticket. What’s more, Amtrak and Euro-star both offer Paperless Ticket for their users to check order details online. Usually, transport company staff will scan the QR code that comes on the pass. All you need to do is get your Paperless Ticket boarding pass to the security checkpoint. Luggage can also be checked in from the counter. If you did not prefer to download the Paperless Ticket app online, you could instead ask a link through an email or text. Take iPhone 6 for example, users can easily add the Paperless Ticket app into their Apple devices. Normally you will also receive a flight reminder before check-in.

Paperless Ticket

Paperless Ticket Traveling Map App

Google Maps app also makes trips easy. Apple company has announced updates for Google Map at WWDC 2016 for Android and iOS operating systems. Users can simply looking for a city or area, tap the bottom menu, tap download and select the exact area they want for an offline map. Actually, you can search for anything and get turn-by-turn directions through a paper-less one. Sometimes some travelling map apps can be even used without WiFi connection! However, users should bear in mind the expired date of their travelling apps.

Paperless Ticket Traveling Options

In the case of emergency trip, I think Google Translate is a good App partner. Just type or say a phrase in your language, and it will translate it to the language you need and also speak it out loud. You can also point your digital devices at a sign and Google Translate will replace the foreign words with English translations. Well if you get bored with Google series travelling apps, just have shoot for Foursquare App. It can be used as a restaurant guide, which is free for downloading on Android and iOS systems. All you need to do is just tell Foursquare your preference for daily food and it will suggest the perfect restaurants for you.

Paperless Ticket

Paperless Ticket


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