Facebook 360 camera 360 Degree Video Shooting

Facebook 360 camera Design and Overview

Recently Facebook announced its brand new camera with 360 degrees. It seems a response for Oculus Rift brand. The Facebook 360 camera has a sleek design. It is futuristic from the photos and open-sourced. In my opinion the most important and impressive factor of the Facebook 360 camera is its design, which is close to some Android system devices brands like Nokia. The photos from different smart devices can be stitched together into one spherical type of media. What’s more, the Facebook 360 camera has a total number of 17 camera rig with 14 of them around in a ring.

Facebook 360 camera

Facebook 360 camera vs Google

Users can use the Facebook 360 camera to easily take pictures or shoot videos, and then use Facebook related software to further edit the video. Furthermore, you can use the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to playback your media files. It is kind of like creating an media platform for developing virtual reality images or videos. Actually, the idea of Facebook 360 camera is quite similar to the Jump platform of Google company. The Jump media platform also has 360 camera innovations, Google related software and many kinds of functions such as playback. Then users can easily check their work on YouTube channel. The billions drop from Facebook on its Facebook 360 camera could means a lot. I think the move from Facebook can be seem as a ambitious business plan for future virtual reality products.

Facebook 360 camera

Facebook 360 camera Final Thoughts

It seems that among all types of media, video is the most important to Facebook company. Facebook also made a recent move to live streaming market. Well, Facebook 360 camera wants to own its users daily life for as mush as it can. Hence the 360 camera or its capture solution seems just the very first move of the company. Let’s see what will these big figures to response feedback from consumers in the digital market.

Facebook 360 camera

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