Virtual Gaming Harmonix’s crazy Hands on testing

Virtual Gaming Harmonix’s crazy Introduction

Harmonix Music Systems recently has created a Harmonix Music virtual gaming App for Sony PlayStation VR headset. It’s really a good sound for virtual gaming music lovers. Users can experience transcendental virtual gaming. Currently the demo version of the App was just like the old music visualizers were on the original Xbox virtual gaming platforms.

 QQ图片20160714162307Virtual Gaming Harmonix’s crazy Hands on testing

Harmonix Music virtual gaming works with any types of song in your Sony PlayStation music list. Firstly players started out on a beach on an alien planet. Players can choose up to four different virtual gaming scenes for your to enjoy the game. The beach scene in this game was good for meditation. The pure hippie experience, which was called The Trip, came next to me. You can see one character is sit back and look around and come racing at your face. It makes me feels like riding a colorful roller coaster. Players could also joined party scenes that contains a number of interesting virtual gaming 3D characters. You can choose to hit play and all of the characters in the game start moving at once to the music and dancing. In my opinion, all this virtual gaming is about enjoying different kinds of creative music. You can even play your own songs by connecting the VR to your external drive.

Virtual Gaming

Overall the demo version just lasted around no more than 15 minutes. I think the game is especial designed for those players who love de-stressing. The game is a collection of four special virtual gaming worlds that all let players use virtual reality technology to facilitate musical immersion. Alternatively, in other words, the game is a music visualizer. It’s really an creative virtual gaming experience. The replay idea is good indeed for the worlds react to different types of music. Even the designer of the game encourage players to experiment with different types of songs in different senses. A large number of visual artists will listen to music while they work. Hence it is important to get creative frame of mind for your music work. The game is mainly about refers back to the music itself.

Virtual Gaming



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