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Kepard How to use Guide Introduction

Kepard, which launched in 2012, is a premium VPN service provider operating offshore to offer customers with leading online identity protection. The company also provides the power to unblock any website in global internet. It seems that players who use Mac and Apple devices will have less to get excited about. However, Windows or Android system users will appreciate some most user friendly VPN software. Kepard is now available in some EU countries such as the UK, France and Germany. Kepard allows for two devices to connect simultaneously and for some locations it even allows P2P and torrent traffic. The website design clean and the whole registration and setup was quick and easy.

Kepard Features

Kepard set no limit to traffic speeds or data use. P2P torrent use is allowed once you are connected to a server in the Netherlands. Kepard also offers a trial service, allowing you to connect to its VPN servers for half an hour each day. Such service is only becomes apparent when you install the Windows or Android consumers. Customer support is only via a ticketed email system. Overall the website of Kepard looks good and is easy to navigate. It is well though out and easy to configure between OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP. It seems that the company has its technological advantage its Android Apps.


Kepard Compatibility

Kepard VPN is compatible on various devices and operating systems, such as Windows and Mac operating systems along with Linux, Android and iOS devices. Well in the future I hope to see the company develop software on more platforms.

Kepard Signup Process

I have tried to sign up my account for Kepard VPN. I just need to download and setup the client, then I registered with my email address. I was told a 15 days free service is available, but I haven’t yet to choose it, since personally I don’t want to release too much of my personal details if my free trial is over. However, the payment options are fine for most users, but not for Bitcoin users.


Kepard Speed Testing

I have tested the VPN connection by using some UK broadband. We noticed that if without the Kepard VPN, the upload speed of our UK broadband was around 1 Mb per second with a 9.9 Mb per second download speed. If we connected to a Kepard account with UK VPN server, our upload speed turned out to be 3.5 Mb per second, while speed for download was about 10 Mb per second. During the whole test all server locations were shown in the UK.

Kepard Final Thoughts

Overall, Kepard VPN is simple to use and it offers all the basic features. The VPN is at budget prices with interface friendly Apps for Android and Windows devices. Kepard is efficient in protecting personal data to against external threats. I think it is very ideal for travelling. Well tow biggest disadvantages of Kepard are: its servers are currently available only in 8 countries; Bitcoin payment options are not allowed for the service.

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