Virtual Reality Games Huge Chances in 2016

Virtual Reality Games What is hot

For the year 2016 E3 event, two high-end virtual reality headsets: the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, are on sale for some small market. The launch of PlayStation VR will open up the medium to potentially millions of PlayStation 4 virtual reality games players. Oculus company is supposedly releasing its Touch motion controllers in 2016 in order to make a more impressive VR headset. Star Trek series virtual reality games is now available on sale for all the three VR platforms.

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Virtual Reality Games Brands Comparison

Sony VR

Sony’s VR headset has the benefit of being comfortable and easy to clean. However, the company facing technological problems about running on a lower-powered machine in a slightly lower resolution. For example, for 60 frames per second (FPS) that Sony requires is much lower than what PC virtual reality games. Sony announced an exciting-sounding list of titles:Arkham virtual reality games, a VR-compatible version of Resident Evil 7. It’s probably the cheapest tethered headset for popular consoles. It seems that Sony is more like a huge console maker support virtual reality games. Sony’s more powerful upcoming “Neo” console could make everything look and feel better.

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Oculus Rift VR

Oculus has secured temporary exclusive rights to things like the VR version of Superhot. Oculus arrived with a handful of titles for the new Touch controllers, which are simultaneously polished and creative especially for some climbing virtual reality games. Marketing leaders from the Oculus company argued that in the future everybody will be playing with hand controllers, and there will also be a lot of gamepad virtual reality games. Oculus might be more invested in developing substantive virtual reality games forward than any other hardware company. However, the result seems to be very uncertain. What’s more, Oculus company is snapping up as many exclusives as it can.

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The company was offering private demos of virtual reality gamesHowever, it was most visible at Bethesda Softworks’ booth, which hosted Vive experiencesThe most interesting virtual reality games being released right now are for the HTC Vive, be it standalone titles. Technology staff from HTC believed that it’s really important that the HTC Vive brand represents the best of VR. For the future versions will still try to integrate the absolute cutting edge of virtual reality games. HTC isn’t the only brand looking at VR arcades. Actually, it is really easy to imagine high-end virtual reality games thriving outside the home, and the Vive is already making inroads in Chinese market.

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Virtual Reality Games Final Thoughts

The E3 2016 event was a show where Sony showed its high-end virtual reality games. Also Oculus showed the public genuinely great-looking virtual reality games without release date. Meanwhile, HTC widely considered the best system currently on the market. The most useful piece of hardware was a backpack computer, or in other words, a useful complement for headsets. Technological stuff such as custom input devices were more attractive when major headsets didn’t have their own motion control systems.

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