HOMTOM HT17 Smartphone 4G 5.5″ FingerPrint $69 FREE Shipping

HOMTOM HT17 Smartphone Testing Experience


HOMTOM HT17 Display Quality

The HOMTOM HT17 mode has a ultra thin body which is about 8.0mm, and its screen technology is based on IPS type. The screen resolution is 1280*720P. Such light-weight design is easy for me to put inside pocket. Its video recording supports 1080p display, and I think it is good for daily normal uses like watching films, checking emails or news etc. You could see the content displayed in clear and natural colors. Just nearby the screen edge of HOMTOM HT17 you could find an on/off button, a voice control button and a USB 2.0 output port.


HOMTOM HT17 System Performance

HOMTOM HT17 uses MTK6737 Quad core system with 1.1GHz 64Bit processor. Its graphic processor is Mali-T720 GPU. The MTK6737 processor is well known for its power saving feature. While using the same type battery, MTK6737 can save more than 15% power than MTK6735 processor. So I think MTK6737 is widely used in middle-end smart-phones. Well Mail GPU is currently leading the world graphic processor filed, and it has been used in some famous brand virtual reality 3D headset such as DeePoon M2 mode, or some Android smart-phone brands. Mail GPU T760 mode can be considered as the Midgard architecture into a new era of energy productivity, and it is especially good at gesture recognition and image stabilization. One drawback of HOMTOM HT17 is it only has 1GB RAM, so it may not convenient for you to upload and setup many apps at the same time. However, you could expended storage of HOMTOM HT17 up to 128GB by using an additional SD card. HOMTOM HT17 operates based on Android 6.0 OS, and now HOMTOM HT17 includes Google Chrome searching function. Also the turbine loading mode can considerably increase apps download speed. You could also switch shortcut options in the drop-down menu thanks for its improvement in interface. All these features are not included in Android 5.1 system.


HOMTOM HT17 Camera

HOMTOM HT17 has dual cameras. The front one has 2MP resolution while the rear one has 8MP display. However all cameras could be upgraded to 13MP by using software apps. Even in the condition of strong sunlight or darkness you could easily take photos by using its LED flashlights and auto focus. I could also easily identified the standard system mode at the back side of its screen.


HOMTOM HT17 Battery

The non-removable battery capacity of HOMTOM HT17 is 3,000 mAh so you could gaming continuously for almost 4 to 5 hours. If you watched films or gaming daily by using the phone you have to charge daily but if without heavy use the battery capacity is adequate for normal uses. Also HOMTOM HT17 supports fast charging, which is around 25% faster than non quick charging batteries.

HOMTOM HT17 Smartphone Conclusion

Overall HOMTOM HT17 is a easy-to-use smart-phone with very budget price level $69. Its camera functions and video recording may not fit professional high-end modes, but indeed HOMTOM HT17 is adequate for daily normal uses. Battery of HOMTOM HT17 is even better than iPhone series in terms of capacity and quick charging function.



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