HOMTOM HT70 4G Smartphone Review

Here is the relevant information of HOMTOM HT70 4G smartphone, now Tomtop.com only needs $179.99. You can get an HT70 phone, a charger, a screen protector, a phone case, and SIM card pins, a user manual, and a Type C adapter, a USB data adapter.

HOMTOM HT70 4G Smartphone
The bigger the screen, the better viewing angle you will experience! The HOMTOM HT70 has an 18-inch 9-inch full-screen display and a 6.0-inch large in-line screen. Its HD + resolution, higher color saturation, bright and vivid color balance will provide you with a great visual experience! Screen 18:9 aspect ratio 720×1440 HD + resolution
Do you want to clearly remember every precious moment? For the HOMTOM HT70, this will be an easy task, and it will be easier to use with its 16MP plus 5MP dual rear camera. 16MP + 5MP dual rear HDR bokeh effects, Typ-C interface faster and safer charging. Do you often worry about the lack of power? HOMTOM HT70 will help you solve the problem of 10000mAh large capacity battery! The HT70 phone itself is a vibrant mobile power source that makes it easy to provide you with a long service! By changing the traditional Micro USB to Type-C, the HOMTOM HT70 looks very cool, making the charging process faster and easier. It supports fast charging – although the battery capacity is large, charging can be completed fairly quickly!
Your FingErprint is the key to your PhonE. Use only your own fingerprint to unlock your phone! The HOMTOM HT70 supports fingerprint ID unlocking within 0.1s. Your privacy is only open to you! 0.1s fast response to safety and reliability179.99

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