Gaming Headset SADES® SA-708GT Noise Cancellation $ 13

Gaming Headset SADES® SA-708GT Introdcution

So far we have discussed the SADES SA710 mode gaming headset in our past posts, and the American company seems to do quite brilliant in terms of price-performance ratio. Here we gonna focus on another gaming headset mode from this comapny, the SA 708GT. If you checked on Amazon USA, you could see currently this mode is hot sale with around 4.5 stars consumer rating. That’s really impressive and not easy to reach since in my opinion Amazon consumers usually have high requirement for consumer electrics.

Gaming Headset

Gaming Headset SADES® SA-708GT Technological Features


Let’s check together for the SADES SA708GT gaming headset mode. It is based on the design of noise cancellation, and for the package list, a convert cable for XBOX 360 is included so you could play games on  different devices by using output connectors: the audio input for RC, the 2.5mm one for XBOX 360, or the 3.5mm connector for Sony PS4, Tablet or mobile.

Gaming Headset

Ear Pad & Volume Adjustment

The diameter driver has a 40mm precision, so could provide users various hearing experience like sound shock etc. You could also see cutton made over-ear pads on each of ear side of the gaming headset , so makes it possible to soft skins around your ears. The microphone of the gaming headset is retractable up to around 90 degrees. If not in use you could just put the microphone into one of the ear pad. Actually, we found not only the microphone, but also the headband of the gaming headset is adaptive and highly ergonomic. You could easily control volume by just put your finger on the adjust area and then scroll down or up the circle-type button. After about 5 hours and 50 minutes continuous gaming test, I felt no uncomfortable feeling about my ears. If necessary you could switch to microphone mode by pressing the tiny black button of the gaming headset.

Gaming Headset

Sound Quality

When playing music I could even feel the bass on my ears as well as the treble in my gaming headset. In the case of cranked the sound the hearing quality was still very clear without distortion. We tested for some famous action games on XBOX, like star war, we found sound was produced in highly details in every blasters and explosions. When we tried some social media platforms, such as SKYPE, the overall sound quality of this gaming headset was also good indeed.

Package List:
1 * SADES SA-708GT Gaming Headset
1 * Convert Cable for XBOX 360
1 * Audio Line
1 * User Manual in English/German/Spanish


Gaming Headset SADES® SA-708GT vs Competitors

We have compared SADES SA 710 with a number of other famous gaming headset brands in past posts (please click here for reference gaming headset SADES SA710),and here we gonna compare again the SADES SA708GT to 5 more gaming headset brands with technological insights.

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Gaming Headset


Gaming Headset SADES® SA-708GT Conclusion

Overall based on what we have tested and discussed, SADES SA 708GT mode gaming headset is good option for normal gaming or beginning level players. If you were a professional player, we recommend you to check more experience brands. If you wanna high price-performance ratio gaming headset with lower than $100, you should try SADES. For this SA708GT mode, the price, yes, again we have to check the price, is only $13. So all in all, well done, SADES.

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