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Sport Bluetooth Headset Using Results

QCY Sport Bluetooth Headset currently gained over 4-star consumer rating with more than 500 consumer product feedback on Amazon platforms. So that’s sounds brilliant for a Amazon product. Here I gonna summary all the tests results from myself for the QCY Sport Bluetooth Headset.

Sport Bluetooth Headset


QCY QY8 mode Sport Bluetooth Headset has overall good looking matte black appearance, and its stylish can provide smoothly hand feeling. No rigid frame issues I met since I don’t need to wear it around my neck. The connecting wire has adequate length to allow buds to insert perfectly. The wire of the Sport Bluetooth Headset is based on flat kind so you don’t need to worry about tangles. You can find sound controls options on the earpiece. The item weights only around 18g, so the Sport Bluetooth Headset is much convenient for your to carry.

Sport Bluetooth Headset

Headphone Quality

If in the case of noise environment (like around 70 decibels), ear buds of Sport Bluetooth Headset can still operates well and its ear protection did good enough for long hours’s use. When in noise cancellation mode you could easily access to songs or audiobooks. Its sound profile is overall very good and fit well for different music types like R&B or classical music. You can feel the strong bass without pounding. For those highly amplified bass Sport Bluetooth Headset you may have headaches so in this case choosing the right type bass is important. The midrange of the Sport Bluetooth Headset is also brilliant indeed because highs are highly crisp, clear and distinct.

Sport Bluetooth Headset


We have tested the Sport Bluetooth Headset for nearly 6 hours continuous music play and overall the sound quality is good without any lags. Its battery is rechargeable, and is based on built-in design. The USB charger of the Sport Bluetooth Headset works good. 2 hours’ charging for the Sport Bluetooth Headsetcould be used for continuous around 7 hours, but actually it can be fully charged within just one hour. When I connected the Sport Bluetooth Headset to my iPhone I noticed the battery level display on my phone’s screen.

Connectivity & Features

The sports headset operates based on Bluetooth 4.1, which is even better than some Android brand smart-phones, Plantronics or Jabra bluetooth 4.0 version Sport Bluetooth Headset. At the right side hear bud a large thumb-shaped button was input the bluetooth headphone, and it was easy to press and hold to turn the set off or on. The foot range of the Sport Bluetooth Headset is around 20 to 30 feet, so you could easily set your smart-phone in the middle of your house or room and then walk away without any problems. Well for this connectivity feature QCY® Sport Bluetooth Headset has done better than some similar brands which need put outside your pockets to ensure good signal. Controls buttons are all very easy-to-use so no in fact no user manual is needed.

Sport Bluetooth Headset


Well everything has somewhat drawbacks, but for this QCY Sport Bluetooth Headset I could hardly find one. I think for me the only problem I met was the cover of the charging port was hard to open, so a knife in this case may help.


Sport Bluetooth Headset Specifications


Sport Bluetooth Headset Brand Name: QCY

Sport Bluetooth Headset Model Number: QY8

Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.1

Supports Format: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP protocol

Supports Audio Format: aptx, SBC, MP3, AAC

Noise clear technology: CVC 6.0

Operation Distance: Up to 10m

Battery: Rechargeable and Built-in

Battery Life: up to 6 hours

Standby Time: up to 175 hours

Output Port: Micro USB

Cable length: 65cm

Sport Bluetooth Headset Body weight: 18g


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