Coupon Consumer Electrics VR Headset Projector Starts from $7

Recently I found some discount coupon deals in a number of Chinese online e-commerce websites. Deals mainly cover video & audio category products list. I picked some super budget-friendly items from the deals so you could refer to the list below:

*Reminder*ONLY valid from 21st May to 31st May ! Available for all currancies

Coupon Code : 8TV

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Coupon Consumer Electrics VR Andoer® CST-01

Andoer® CST-01 VR Headset Using Experience

This Andoer VR mode works good with smart-phone like iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy series, Nexus 6p or some Chinese brands like LG. If you got a mobile with less than 5 inches screen, it could also fit the VR well. Also for the mode the magnet we usually see in a Google Cardboard was replaced by Bluetooth mouse, but was still fine to use Apps. Eye pieces are easily to adjust, and it can quickly turn 2D video into 3D ones.


Andoer® CST-01 Technological Features

Adjustable pupil and sight distance. Made by environmental friendly ABS material and resin lens. Fit Android and iOS systems. Items weights around 180g.

Coupon Consumer Electrics

See more & Order Andoer® CST-01 Now $7



Coupon Consumer Electrics VR BOX®

VR BOX® VR Headset Testing Experience

This mode does not have the magetic button for Google Cardboard, but this could be solved by using a remote control app, like a bluetooth controller, on your phone. The viewing angle value its $ 13 price level, and the product is in good shape and sturdy. It is also easy to set up compared to other expensive top end VR headset models. Besides, its lens can be easily adjusted to focus better on your smartphone screen. At first glance the plastic material may makes you feel uncomfortable to put on your nose, but when using it no problems occurred. Each lens is designed to move independently for different directions : left, right, top or back. You could even put on your glasses to use it up to 5 inches wide range. If you also got a RC model flyer, like the easy using DJI Phantom 3, you could actually use the VR BOX VR headset with the Litchi flight App and track flying route for your RC. Overall the VR BOX is a good alternative to cardboard headset like Google Cardboard.


VR BOX® VR Headset Technological Insights

This mode is also a smartphone-dependent VR headset especially for family or outdoor travelling use. No age limitations for using this VR headset, since the soft protective cases around the glasses is made by environmental friendly ABS material. Gaming function is good for most of apps from Google Play store. You could hardly feel dizzy or visual fatigue after a few hours’ use since the resin lens that inside the VR headset. Spherical resin lens can be adjusted to fit best distance. Overall the item weight about 400g.

Coupon Consumer Electrics

Coupon Consumer Electrics

Coupon Consumer Electrics

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Coupon Consumer Electrics LCD Projector

GM50 LCD Projector Testing Experience

This GM50 projector is overall in good shape, well built and easily portable to multi-media platforms. Actually it is a highly budget friendly home projector for its $50 price level and all round media center. If you were looking for some much expensive projectors like ultimate home theater, you may probably try brands like JmGo Home projector. You could clearly see all the necessary accessories and components fully wrapped in its soft foam when you open up the projector. Its lens can be well stick to the projector. For this GM50 LCD Projector you could use a USB cord to stream movies from your laptop. Nearly most types of output connectors can be connected to the projector, such as HDMI, VGA, AV, SD or Micro USB. Also its remote controller works good for scrolling through folders or manage all of your media files on additional hard drive. No additional cords is needed when connecting the projector to any portable car jump starter kit. Overall the GM50 projector seems great for backyard party or outdoor night movie travelling.

Coupon Consumer Electrics

Coupon Consumer Electrics

GM50 LCD Projector Technological Details

The image contrast ratio is 500:1. The speaker is built-in and the whole projector can be charged by power bank. Focus is also adjustable. The memory can be up to 32GB by using additional SD card. You need two AAA batteries to operate it. Its brightness reaches 80 lumens with a 30 to 120 inch display size. The maximum resolution can be up to 1920*1080P full HD quality. Lifetime is about 20,000 hours for the GM50 projector. Video support formats include RMVB, FLV, MJPEG, MOV or RM etc. Overall the projector weights around 690g.

Package List:
1 * GM50 Portable LCD Projector
1 * Remote Control
1 * Power Adapter in USA or EU type
1 * 3-in-1 AV Cable
1 * User Manual in English


See more & Order GM50 LCD Projector Now $48



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