ZTE Smartphone 4G nubia Z9 mini Mobile HOT SALE

Speaking of high quality smartphone in China, ZTE smartphone is a famous brand. At the first sight of this smartphone, I was really amazed by its fashion design and metallic style. Of course,  ZTE nubia Z9 mini 4G Smartphone deserves your more attention.
ZTE smartphone

ZTE Smartphone Enjoyable Photo Journey

First and foremost, with 8 MP front camera and 16 MP back camera, its camera feature is really great because normally smartphone only has 13 MP back camera.  You can now take various pretty selfies and beautiful views when using this phone. With flashlight and auto focus, it also helps you to get more clear and bright photos as well. Definitely, it is far good more than most two not-bad cameras.ZTE smartphone
ZTE smartphone
It’s also worth mentioning that it has excellent operating system and powerful CPU. Coming with nubia UI 2.8 OS Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 CPU, it can operate smoothly and stably. Whatever games you play or other tasks you operate, it will always be very smoothly running. Moreover, its has 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM storage, and surprisingly, it supported 128 GB TF card extension,  thus allowing you to enjoy more fun.
ZTE smartphone
With capacitive 5 inch multi-touch touch screen and CGS 1920*1080  resolution, it is quite sensitive. Meanwhile, it adopts fluence V5 technology, which offers excellent sound quality.
ZTE smartphone

ZTE Smartphone Unique Style

The most important feature for me is it is very ruggedness,  because I usually fall my smartphone down. So this ZTE nubia Z9 mini 4G Smartphone is the one I’ve been used with maximum duration.
ZTE smartphone

Please order right now ZTE Smartphone !

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