ZTE Cell Phone My PRAGUE 4G Smartphone Nubia UI 3.0

As a girl needs to selfie all the time, a good front camera is really important for smartphone lovers.The ZTE cell phone has a front camera of 8 MP, which is higher than average smartphones. That’s one of the most important reason for me to chose this ZTE My PRAGUE 4G Smartphone ,  I hope you girls loving selfie as me will love it, too.
ZTE cell phone

ZTE Cell Phone Excellent Camera View

Besides its good front camera, it also has very fashionable appearance.  It looks so
simple and delicacy. The white color combined with the grey one makes it looks
noble and elegant. Meanwhile, its 5.2 inch size and 1920*1080 pixels screen will give you enjoyable experience. It is very comfortable to watch video or playing games.ZTE cell phoneZTE cell phone
Its back camera also equipped with high resolution, which up to 13 MP based on
flashlight and auto focus technology. I cannot wait to share the pictures photoed by me. A really good quality camera will help you get more beautiful pictures. Its dual SIM cards can be stand by two cards. Your life and work will be balanced by one smartphone.
ZTE cell phoneZTE cell phone

ZTE Cell Phone Powerful Device

It as equipped with nubia UI 3.0 OS system and Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 CPU.
With such high technologies, you will get a smooth playing experience and more
stable operation.  Moreover, its RAM has arrived at 2 GB and ROM has arrived at
16 GB. if it is still cannot meet your needs, don’t worry, how about its TF card that can be extended up to 128 GB.
ZTE cell phoneZTE cell phone
The most important is its rally economic price. You can get more than $300 .

ZTE My PRAGUE 4G Smartphone Right NOW !

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