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Switch Panel Introduction

If you’re a Jeep owner, you may have encountered a situation where your vehicle’s many gadgets overwhelms your ability to access them. When you add lights or other additions to your Jeep, you want an easy way to use them—to switch them on and off. The Jeep Rocker Switch Panel makes toggling your devices as easy as flipping a switch.

Switch Panel

Switch Panel Features

LED-labeled switches

Each of the 4 switched are labeled with an LED that makes it easy to differentiate between your gadgets. LED colors include blue, amber, red, and green, which shine bright against the black surface of the switches and their casing.

Universal switches

The Jeep Switch Panel’s simple on-off switches are easy to use, and they’re a convenient way to operate your devices from the driver seat. The switches are universal, so they’ll function with most devices you connect to your Jeep.

High quality switch pod

A high quality pod holds the switches in place and mounts them to your Jeep to the left of the driver seat. It’s a simple, durable solution that keeps your Jeep’s devices well within reach.

Switch Panel

Switch Panel Hands on Testing

The switch panel fits well with my car. Installed both in less than 10 mins. I installed this on my 13 JKU and it blends good with the stock console. Well, you should better not cutting a portion of the clips otherwise the top clips will be positioned to snap right in. There is some condensation on the interior of the lights after a car wash. The condensation goes away quickly. Overall I think the Switch Panel is a really good product. Install is easy, and the price is really budget level !

Switch Panel Specifications

Color: black

Material: ABS

Position: A Pillar

Fitment: for Jeep Wrangler 2007-2015

Boat Rocker Switch:

Working Voltage: 12-24V

Working current: 20A

Light indicator: Blue/Amber/Red/Green

Switch Operation: ON-OFF

Package size: 33 * 13 * 8.5cm / 13 * 5 * 3.4in

Package weight: 383g / 13.5oz

Switch Panel Package List

  • 1 A Pillar Switch Panel
  • 1 Blue Boat Rocker Switch
  • 1 Amber Boat Rocker Switch
  • 1 Red Boat Rocker Switch
  • 1 Green Boat Rocker Switch


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