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ipega Bluetooth Gamepad Introduction

Mobile gaming has never been as prominent as it is these days. As a matter of fact, 75% of all the iOS App Store revenues comes from gaming applications. The appeal is quite apparent: Our fast-paced daily lives make it difficult to sit for a couple of hours and devote all our attention to nothing but the Television screen. Not only this but, smartphones have become so powerful and efficient that mobile gaming experience provides you with an incredibly similar level of gameplay complexity and graphical fidelity as console or PC games.


In spite of all of this, there is yet an area where mobile gaming falls short, and that’s controls. Playing a precision-based platformer or a twitch shooter using virtual buttons on the touch screen is a bothersome experience that can potentially sip away the whole fun you would otherwise have. Fortunately, there’s something you can do concerning this. Bluetooth game controllers are affordable, practical, and extremely lightweight devices that help to improve the quality your mobile gaming experience.

ipega Bluetooth Gamepad Technological Features Testing

In these modern times, the most advanced model of this ipega gamepad controller is the Wireless Bluetooth game controller. The major difference with this with and many other controllers is the fact that it is not wired when connected with the Smartphone. Even though there are lots of makers and individual controllers available on the market, only a tiny proportion is built up to our high expectations and requirements. So what exactly are perfect features to look out for in a great Bluetooth game controller?

ipega gamepad Sturdy build & attractive design

No one requires a weak controller that can get broken easily with a single drop. A beautiful design is a plus point when it comes to buying a product.


ipega gamepad Battery life

Just about all game controllers can last over 10 hours on a full charge which means you don’t have to worry about battery life.

ipega gamepad Button’s responsiveness

The vast majority of game controllers today are responsive.

ipega gamepad Official support app

It helps to make mapping controller to a device and configuring a lot easier. So, you don’t need to root your device to use a third party app.

ipega gamepad Total of supported games

With the extensive collection of mobile games, it’s difficult for a controller to support all of the games. You should opt for a powerful Bluetooth game controller that would not just offer a game or maybe two then become useless. Choosing the one with the highest support makes your gaming life on mobile more pleasant.


ipega Bluetooth Gamepad Final Thoughts

Ipega PG-9062 Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller is an innovative Bluetooth game controller that provides support for different iOS/Android/PC games. Ipega gamepad offers a superior gaming application platform; check out ipega gamepad right now!


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