Budget Gaming keyboard REDRAGON® Switchable Warranty

Budget Gaming keyboard REDRAGON® Technological Overview

The professional budget gaming keyboard has overall 7 switchable back light colors with 4 levels of brightness. It supports input speed adjusting for two level for speed up and speed down. Some keys have same functions for different directions like W,A,S,D. Also for buttons F1 to F12 are based on multi-media design. There is also no conflict among letter keys and functional keys such as Alt-L, Ctrl-L or Shift-L. Its 3.5mm USB braided cable has fast speed transmission with high stability. You can use the USB interface without the need to install the drive and software. The budget gaming keyboard also has laser engraved characters and cholocate style keycaps, so it is easy for your to play games in dark room.

Budget Gaming keyboard

Budget Gaming Keyboard REDRAGON® Hands on testing

The back lighting on the budget gaming keyboard is really good. There are 7 colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Light blue, Purple, and white. You can switch between all of them easily via pressing a few buttons. You can also turn them off completely or have the keyboard pulse through each color. What’s more, You can lock the Windows key on the budget gaming keyboard so that you don’t accidentally press it for gaming. The response speed option works well enough as the budget gaming keyboard clearly speeds up the response time of the keys while you are typing or holding a key. The media keys are also work well. I also noticed the built-in wrist rest in the budget gaming keyboard is really useful and give you plenty of room to rest your wrists. Overall the budget gaming keyboard has a series of pros. The budget gaming keyboard is cheap and its quality worthy the price.

Budget Gaming keyboard

The Budget Gaming keyboard has a lot of traction, and I can feel my hands move over the keys very easily, even on my two fingers that have nerve damage. Some more cool things I noticed were: the budget gaming keyboard makes a unique sound when I typing on it. It was not a kind of mechanical loud, but it’s louder than my other budget gaming keyboard. However, a few factors still need to be improved for the Budget Gaming keyboard. Sometimes I need to really punch that space bar to get to do anything. Moreover, the lights on the upper-right, and the bottom are way brighter than the other back lit keys. Some players might not fancy such kind of design, but it is OK for me. For some of you who like keyboards that make clicky sounds and have a lot of tactile feedback, this might not be the budget gaming keyboard for you. However, there is a bonus to this, because this makes typing on the keyboard much quieter than typing on a normal keyboard of the same style, such as the keyboards on laptops.

Budget Gaming keyboard

Budget Gaming Keyboard REDRAGON® Specifications

Compatible: Win 7 / Win 8 / XP / Vista
Working voltage: DC 5V
Working current: < 200mA
Interface: USB 2.0
Budget Gaming keyboard cable length: 1.8m
Keystrokes: 104 keystrokes
Key life: > 1 million times
Material: ABS, HIPS
budget gaming keyboard weight: 840g
budget gaming keyboard size: 45.2 * 20.1 * 2cm



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