Elephone S2 Plus 5.5″ HD 13MP Camera Ship from Germany

Elephone S2 Plus Introduction

Elephone S2 Plus is an entry-level smartphone for less than 150 euros with a large screen and especially a very special design. Elephone is one of the dominant Chinese smartphone producers. Elephone S2 plus is more of a glamorous phone since it is not that powerful good enough for daily usage. Its battery quality is decent.

Elephone S2 Plus Design & Screen

I received my Elephone S2 Plus in well packed package box, which accompanied by a leaflet in English. I can also find euro type charger with USB connectivity, and two pieces of screen protectors. I think they are for the front and back side individually. I picked up the smartphone and found it really has a very nice finish with a blue plastic shell ice mirror effect, which makes it a very valuable design. You can see one SIM and one Micro port on its both sides. Its 5.5 inches HD touchscreen responds good and is easily to write emails or messages. Color and contrast changes mildly from extreme angles, but remains entirely legible. Elephone S2 Plus comes with an aluminum frame. Its glass is scratch resistant to some extent but better use a screen guard for added protection. Elephone S2 and Elephone S2 Plus are both slim and solid modes.

Elephone S2 Plus

Elephone S2 Plus Performance


Elephone S2 Plus has a MT6735P MediaTek quad core processor with 1GHz. Its GPU is Mali-T720 graphics chip that can be a bit limited for the most demanding games. Mail-type GPU has been widely used in many virtual reality 3D headsets such as DeePoon M2. Its LED notification has a number of sensors like accelerometer, proximity, light and magnetic. The Android 5.1 system is simple to download basic apps as well as thousands of games in Google Play Store. Gaming experience of Elephone S2 Plus is overall smooth, for example, for the Asphalt 8 game. However, if you turned to high quality display, you may feel a few lags during gaming. Various smart geatures are also inset in the phone to improve ergonomic interface. The 4G network part of Elephone S2 Plus is fairly complete. An OTA update is also available for downloading to improve its compass. The RAM of S2 Plus is 2GB and is behaving great in terms of background app management. I can switch among apps without falling out of memory.

Elephone S2 Plus

Elephone S2 Plus Battery

The battery of Elephone S2 Plus held the road well. Elephone S2 Plus was far from being discharged in the afternoon. I tested the phone on a full day leaving the internet, and it held until late night with no problem. Hence it seems that Elephone S2 Plus can be hold for at least 24 hours, and good for long telephone conversations. Normally, it takes several hours to recharge the phone fully without fast charging function.

Elephone S2 Plus

Elephone S2 Plus GPS & Connectivity

Elephone S2 Plus supports 4G on all frequencies (800/1800/2100 / 2600MHz) and also on 3G (850/900/1900). The network is good with Elephone S2 Plus easily and quickly to find the network. Its GPS function is also easy to use. The current location is quickly found. This makes Elephone S2 Plus a good phone for UK or Europe and most of Asia. I tested a mouse, keyboard and gamepad with the Elephone S2 OTG and it’s working without a hitch.

Elephone S2 Plus Camera

With a camera of 2 MP front and 13 MP on the back, the camera of Elephone S2 Plus is quite good for its category. The image is sharp both for indoors or outdoors. The video quality of Elephone S2 Plus is also good with a clear sound background. However, its speakers is not very clear just like many other budget free smartphones. Just be careful if you need to make long-hours calls.

Elephone S2 Plus

Elephone S2 Plus Conclusion


Competition is super deep in smartphone market. With attentions to detail in terms of camera, design and GPS compass, Elephone S2 Plus would get a huge recommendation. Elephone S2 Plus handles my needs. I would feel comfortable to own it as my main mobile. You should think about negatives of the phone carefully and ask yourself if they affect you prior to order one.


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