Xiaomi Scale Android 4.4 Bluetooth 4.0 Global Delivery

Xiaomi Scale Intorduction

Xiaomi is spreading its legs day by day in the field of electronics equipment. Usually we have seen Xiaomi launching smartphones but, the fact is that Xiaomi is working towards making most of the electronics. Other than smartphones, we have seen Xiaomi manufacturing budget friendly fitness bands, Laptops etc. You won’t believe but we have even seen Xiaomi making Water purifiers, Yes, that’s true Xiaomi also manufactured water purifiers.

It seems the Chinese company wants to wet their hand on each and every category of electronics. The main reason why they are succeeding is because of the budget friendly devices. Xiaomi is known for the budget friendly devices that challenge the other brands hi-range of smartphones and gadgets. This time Xiaomi launched the latest new and smart weight machine. This is yet another product launched by Xiaomi and with this new device they have entered another category of devices.

xiaomi scale

Xiaomi Scale Hands on Testing

The whole new Xiaomi’s weight scale machine is precise and it can even measure the weight of a small cup filled with water, which seems really delicate when compared with body weight. The Xiaomi Scale is really well designed and Xiaomi have used many high quality sensors that will always show highly precise and accurate weight. This Xiaomi Scale allows you to check your weight in three merits Catty, KG and Pounds. This device not only shows the weight, but it’s so smart that if you connect the Xiaomi Scale with your android phone via the Xiaomi Sport app, it will show you the complete graphical curve of the weight from the first day. This app will also help you in losing weight by giving you tips to lose weight and what more you can do in order to lose weight.

You can even start a weight loss program using the app and the weight scale which will take care of your diet program and will let you know about your BMI all the time so that you will be able to focus more towards losing weight. The weight machine is so intelligent that the Xiaomi Scale can easily identify the member of the family using it. It can hold data of up to 16 members and it will show the complete analytics as per the identified member. Isn’t that smart?

xiaomi scale

Xiaomi Scale Body and Design

The body and design of this new Xiaomi Scale is really awesome. Its sleek, looks elegant but it’s really tough. The body of the Xiaomi Scale is made by toughened white glass with ABS which not only looks beautiful but it’s durable too. The display if so smart that it can read the amount of light and shade available and shows the best number which can be seen with ease. If you open the Xiaomi sport app near the weight machine, it will easily synchronize all your data and will present it to the screen of your phone.

xiaomi scale

Xiaomi Scale Specifications

Weight Range: 5Kg to 150Kg

Error Range From 5Kg to 50Kg: 0.1Kg max

           From 50Kg to 100Kg: 0.5Kg max

Android Support:  Android Version 4.4 and Bluetooth Version 4.0 and above

Battery: 4 1.5V AA

Size: 30X30X2.82cm

Weight: 1900g


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