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WWDC 2016 Apple Event Introduction

Maybe the biggest news for worldwide Apple fans in this week is the ongoing Apple WWDC 2016 event, which is known as Worldwide Developers Conference. WWDC 2016 will be ended at the end of this week (on 19th June). For the past WWDC events, Apple company introduced a series of new Apple products as well as iOS operating systems. WWDC 2016 was full of impressive updates to OS’s for the Mac, iPhone, Watch, and TV, and some other Apple software such as Siri and iMessage. Every year Apple company try their best to improve Apple devices by redesigns, for example, new notifications and lock screen interactions for iOS in WWDC 2016; or a new command center for Apple Watch; or many other updates to Apple Music, News, Maps and so on.

WWDC 2016

WWDC 2016

WWDC 2016 Apple MACOS & SIRI

MACOS now has a new name: OS X after WWDC 2016. This iteration will be called Sierra. Public beta will set out in July 2016, and a final version will be published around Sep. 2016. Continuity across devices seems to be one of the greatest features of the new OS in WWDC 2016. Additionally, Universal Clipboard is another feature that highlighted by one of Apple’s Leading staff, Craig Federighi. Users can copy and paste among different Apple devices by using the Universal Clipboard. What’s more, in WWDC 2016 Apple announced that Siri will be soon available in the dock and in the top corner that just nearby Spotlight function. In the future users can use Siri to search files, send messages or so on.

WWDC 2016


Apple Pay will be soon available to Websites after WWDC 2016. That’s means users can pay online by using Safari. You don’t need to worry about the security problems, since payment authentication will work with TouchID and then access to your personal credit card details. So far only the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and Singapore can use Apple Pay, but it will soon available to HK and many other EU countries such as France thanks to WWDC 2016.

 WWDC 2016


For WWDC 2016, Apple company has improved Apple Watch by lots of updates for Watch OS 3. Compared to Watch OS 2, the Watch OS 3 mode can operate several times faster thanks to background refreshing. Well actually for the past Apple watch versions, I have heard some of my friends or workmates complain about its overheated battery. Hope in the WWDC 2016 Apple company could improve this part a bit more. Navigation will become easier on the brand new Apple Watch OS 3, because users can easily access to function options to allow wearers to scroll through their apps. If we also consider the features of iPhone, you may probably find the new Apple Watch is somewhat similar to an iPhone for its new control center. I think to me what is more important is the new SOS function of Apple Watch in WWDC 2016 . You can make 911 calls and send out your current location to emergency contacts. When using the SOS function all you need to make sure is your device is in WiFi environment.

WWDC 2016



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