Virtual Reality Glasses Bao Feng Mo Jing MJ4-1 VR 3D Gamepad Smartphones

Virtual Reality Glasses Bao Feng Brand Introduction

You may have not heard about the brand Bao Feng Mo Jing, but their recently released virtual reality glasses has been proved to be a great budget-friendly deal if you were seeking for expensive brands alternatives. Compared with brands like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Avegant Glyph, Bao Feng Mo Jing MJ4-1 has much cheaper price but also with cool 3D cinema and virtual gaming experience.

Virtual Reality Glasses

Virtual Reality Glasses

Virtual Reality Glasses Bao Feng Basic Technological Features

You can play 3D games by using the included wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Gamepad. Its headband can also be detached and adjusted to suit different size. It supports all types of 4.7 to 5.5 inch Android or Apple smart phones, and can easily and quickly convert 2D films into 3D ones. Overall the item only weights around 400g.

Virtual Reality Glasses

Virtual Reality Glasses Bao Feng Unique Screen & Main Body Deisgn

This virtual reality glasses has high-grade optical lens and 96 degree FOV. The lens is especially designed so it is based on anti-reflection, high stiff, anti-blue and ultraviolet-proof. Such specially designed lens will protect your eye sights, and would not make you feel visual fatigue or dizzy after long-time use. Its screen display equals to 470 inches in 10 meters distance. Interpupillary distance can be adjusted from 58mm to 68mm, so can satisfy different needs. For the main body of the virtual reality glasses, the soft and smooth medical silicone materials can fit your face with less pressure. Holes on it provide great heat dissipation performance.

Virtual Reality Glasses



Virtual Reality Glasses Bao Feng Things To be noticed

This virtual reality glasses seem have some technological aspects to improved. We tested and found that its Bluetooth controller only compatible with Android phones, and two additional AAA type batteries are required for the controller. When testing the display quality of its screen, we noticed the frame effect depends on phone resolution, so if you phone has over 1080P screen resolutions, you will have better 3D virtual experience.

Virtual Reality Glasses

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