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Nowadays third-person VR survival horror game recently released for many famous brands VR headset that places you in 1932 in the boots of Victor, a biologist and adventurer attempting to track down his lost fiance Eva. Virtual Reality Gaming such as Edge of Nowhere has been popular for the recent years. It is developed by Insomniac Games company, and was published by Oculus Studios. It just released recently. 

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The lack of supplies makes for tense gameplay and forces the players to be creative and conserve resources. Edge of Nowhere strands you in the icy wasteland of Antarctica leaving you with only a pick-axe, a shotgun, and some rocks to defend yourself against a bloodthirsty ancient species that lurk inside the snowy caverns. This creates many tense moments when you’re forced to decide whether you should use that last shotgun shell and blow the head off the horrible beast lurking nearby. You will most likely have to try some encounters several times before figuring out how to get by. Players are also given the option to distract enemies with rocks. Edge of Nowhere does a wonderful job of introducing each type to you slowly and then shoving different combinations of enemies at the player for interesting and challenging encounters, forcing you to use all of the game mechanics you learned along the way to progress.

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Many players found themselves always walking around with their gun drawn, clearing corners like becoming a member of a SWAT team; this game keeps you on edge. It is like a combination of The Thing (2002), and if this sounds like it would be fantastic you would be correct. You never know when a creature is going to fall down from the ceiling and strike at you from behind, or if the ice is going to give way underneath you, forcing you to make quick jumps in order to survive. Running through a cave while it is collapsing with beasts chattering and chasing after me as I pick which ones to shoot and which I can just run by was some of the most intense fun I have had in Virtual Reality Gaming. I have played through FEAR (2005), FEAR 2 (2009),Dead Space 1 (2008), The Arrival (2013)and many more. All of these of course succeeded in being frightening and entertaining but were limited to a flat screen. Horror games in VR are on a completely different level.

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Aiming while shooting your gun or throwing rocks is completely controlled by head movement. As a third-person Virtual Reality Gaming, Edge of Nowhere does an excellent job of managing to maintain immersion without sacrificing comfort of the player. While it does use some jump scares, many times I found myself experiencing a feeling of true terror which will be absolutely wonderful for those of you that enjoy horror games. The sense of Presence that Virtual Reality Gaming brings to each monster makes each encounter in Edge of Nowhere feel like a struggle for survival; death is always lurking nearby. Edge of Nowhere succeeds in creating this sensation several times throughout the game.


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