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Virtual Pet Games Introduction

Pet simulation, which is also called as artificial petsis a virtual pet game that focuses on raising and breeding simulated animals. Normally virtual pet game are software implementations of digital pets. The concept usually came from role-playing video games. Digital pet s a type of artificial human companion. Unlike biological ones, digital pet does not usually reproduce. Digital pets are distinct in that they have no concrete physical form other than the hardware they run on. Interaction with virtual pet game might not be aim oriented. Here in this article I gonna check again all these classic old virtual pet game. One more thing: in the future I really hope more virtual pet game could be used for VR headsets !

Virtual Pet Games Famous Names list

101 Shark Pets

The virtual pet game is a simulation of raising a shark. In the game the main task of players is to look after a shark and keep its health data by taking care of its mood as well as personality. Players can also train sharks, chasing sea boats, jigsaw or race. The virtual pet game is developed by Teyon for the Nintendo DSiWare. It is also available for top 500 Nintendo DSi Points.

Virtual Pet Game

Final Fantasy

Well, Final Fantasy is rally a very famous Japanese virtual pet game. It is based on role-playing video game. It was firstly published by Square Enix for the Sony PlayStation. The game first came out in North America market, and it is part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis subseries. Players can modified features in order to control which abilities are used by the characters. You can also a new system that allows monsters to be captured and used in battle in this virtual pet game .

Virtual Pet Game


SimAnimals is a life simulation video virtual pet game published by Electronic Arts ( EA games) for Wii console systems. It was firstly came out in 2009 in North America, and then in EU. SimAnimals has the player in the same role as in The Sims controlling a disembodied hand. Hence players can manipulates at least 35 types of animals to create habitat. Players can also pick up anything in the forest including trees, water, logs, and rocks. Players can blow into the DS microphone after a certain number of achievement points are earned. What’s more,you can use your animals to solve challenges and achieve goals by discovering secrets. So overall that’s really an classic cool virtual pet game.

Virtual Pet Game



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