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USB Connector Product Features

Reversible Design

Getting frustrated by choosing the correct side of charger to plug in the phone every time? No more, get this double sided dodo cool TPR tangle free male charging cable and make charging easy than ever before. The male charging cable is reversible on its sides with gold plated connectors for micro USB port.


Dodocool® is not just a reversible cute charging cable, but also a fast data traveler which can transfer data at the rate of 480 M The charger works at full 2.4A electric current that adds in the application for everyday use.

usb connector

Premium Quality

Designed with reinforced pulling-resistance terminals and soft TPE jacket, the 3.3ft usb connector is more durable, flexible and tangle-free than standard cables. The usb connector is high quality gold plated metal. Gold plate adds the durability of the cable and thus the usb connector works absolutely fine for a long time. It is Solid built. This cable isn’t going to have a loose connection anytime soon, it also won’t fall apart.


The compact, corrosion resistant and gold-plated connector head fit snugly into most protective cases. So if you feel your charger unsafe, just buy a protector case and put your charging cable in the case.

Extra Cable

The Compatibility allows the cable to sync from other cables easily. Replace your original Micro USB cable or add another to your home, office, car or suitcase. But the most suitable cable to work perfectly with the usb connector is the one that comes in the package. The tangle free high quality cable adds the durability of the product and makes the usb connector easy to charge any smart device faster.


Compatible with any Micro-USB charged phones, tablets, GPS devices, MP3 players, Bluetooth speakers, digital cameras, power adapters and other devices. So of you own any rechargeable device, don’t think about charging problem and buy one dodo cool male usb connector to end all your problems.

usb connector

USB Connector Testing


  • High quality and fast speed: The reason why this dodo cool USB micro port usb connector is reliable is its high quality builds material and soft, flexible, anti winding TPE cable with standard 3.3ft/1m length. The gold plated usb connector are rust free so it is good to go for a long term use. Just buy once and solve all your charging issues.
  • High speed synchronization: Another advantage of this cable is the high speed synchronization with other smart devices. This usb connector can transfer data up to 480 MBps without any interference issues. So far it is the best data travelling cable available with such a high quality material in great discounted price.


  • Lower Compatibility: So far, the reviews regarding the product have been good. There are not much drawbacks of the product rather than its lower compatibility. This usb connector is not compatible with any 3.0 micro USB devices; it’s only compatible with standard 2.0 devices.
  • Anti Waterproof: Although gold plated connectors make the charging cable rust free, but the connectors themselves are not waterproof. The cable resists water to damage the device but the connectors should have to be placed in protecting case.

 usb connector

Looking at the ever growing market of smart devices, a product with this caliber and a cheap price is worth trying!



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