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USB Charging Cable Technical features

Unique design

Tired of your charger getting stuck in itself all the time? Get this new USB charging cablewhich is anti-winding, simple and compact designed equipment easy to handle and efficient to work

Magnetic Connector

This unique USB charging cable comes with a detachable magnetic connector which makes charging fun and easy. This magnetic connector reduces the abrasion while inserting or plugging out the cable and charges the device both ways.


If you need equipment to charge and to transfer data from your smart device then this USB charging cable is the key. It is a multi-tasking device which performs as a mobile charger, data transfer cable and anti-dust plug.

USB charging cable


This smart little USB charging cable is compatible with a range of devices. All big smart phone brands like Samsung, HTC, Motorola etc. are compatible with this charging cable

Quick charging

The magnetic connector of the cable makes the USB charging cable quicker to charge your device. The normal chargers works at 0.5A electric current range but due to its sleek design and high quality material this cable works with any charger up to 2.4A electric current.

Carry it anywhere with you

As expected, this USB charging cable is portable and makes it easy to carry anywhere.

Fun Charging

The detachable magnetic connector with the anti-winding cable is the product that has hit the market over recent times. The self-connecting magnetic charger needs nothing but a device to attach itself and charge the device on the go.


The USB charging cable is compatible with the power bank and you can charge your phone, tablet or IPOD on the go. The USB charging cable is also compatible with all smart phone brands which increase its demand to a certain level.

USB charging cable

LED Indication

making sure that the device is working correctly, the manufacturers has installed a unique smart LED light as an indication for charging. The LED comes with three/four colors which shift according to the compatibility of your device.

Never lose it

The USB charging cable is made solely to provide you with safety, now you don’t have to pick your phone up to plug it in, just hover the charging cable near your phone and the USB charging cable will plug itself. You don’t even have to worry about losing your phones in the couch or in the car, just hover the magnetic USB charging cable and it will attach itself to it.

USB Charging Cable Testing


  • The multi-tasking micro USB charging cable is compatible with power banks so you can charge your phone on the go. Its light weight and compact design makes it an easy to use device.
  • Magnetic connector hovering itself to the devices is an amazing feature.
  • High quality flexible anti winding cord increases the durability of the product.


  • The magnet connected to the base connector is not much powerful and you have to plug in the charger sometimes which can cause the damage to the micro usb port of the smart device.
  • The all easy to use, soft cable is not much durable when it comes to atmospheric condition. The USB charging cable is not water proof and hence can be damaged in exposure to water and damp places.
  • The charging speed is relatively lower when compared to other charging devices, but its sleek, simple design urges the customer to go for it.

USB charging cable

USB Charging Cable Conclusion

The trending product has hit the market due to its sleek, unique design and easy to charge feature. The detachable magnetic connector has made charging fun. Overall, the USB charging cable has been a success because it is less priced when compared to the features and thus the USB charging cable includes in affordable equipment’s.


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