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UMI Super Smartphone Introduction

The Chinese smartphone enterprise UMI recently has announced their brand new phone mode : UMI Super smartphone. So far it seems to be the second big shot from the UMI company followed the first mode UMI Touch came earlier in this year. Actually, if compared UMI Super smartphone with iPhone 6 series or Samsung Galaxy S7, you would see UMI Super a strong competitor for famous smartphone figures.

UMI Super Smartphone

UMI Super Smartphone vs iPhone & Samsung


UMI Super Smartphone vs iPhone

Since iPhone 7 has not come out yet, we compare UMI Super smartphone with the latest iPhone 6S plus and iPhone 6 plus. It seems apparently that UMI Super smartphone did better than iPhone mainly in 3 aspects: rear camera resolution, system performance and battery quality. UMI Super smartphone has 13 MP back camera resolution while iPhone can only reach up to 12MP. For processor speed(in GHz), RAM capacity, frenquency of CPU and GPU, UMI Super smartphone all did more than iPhone. iPhone can nearly reach about two-third of UMI Super smartphone in CPU frequency. Besides, UMI Super smartphone has 4,000 mAh battery capacity whereas iPhone family has no mode more than 3000 mAh. It is also worthy noticing that UMI super smartphone has fast charging function like many other Chinese smartphone brands OUKITEL K6000 Pro and so on. However, UMI Super smartphone needs to improve its video display quality to catch up with iPhone’s 4K display recording. For other technological specifications, UMI super smartphone and iPhone are of about the same strength.

UMI Super Smartphone vs Samsung Galaxy

Well, next ones come to Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7, the two latest modes for Samsung Galaxy series. Overall if we check design, camera quality, system performance, battery quality, smartphone features, connectivity and storage, we would see UMI Super smartphone has done almost as good as Samsung Galaxy S7 Exynos and Galaxy S6 modes. However, for their selling price for original versions, UMI Super smartphone only has around half of Galaxy S6’s, or about one-third of Galaxy S7 Exynos’s. That’s really makes UMI Super smartphone a great budget friendly one for 4G smartphones. ( If you wanna find good budget cellphone based on 3G connectivity, you could check this Blackview A8 ). You could refer to the form below for more detailed comparisons.

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UMI Super Smartphone

UMI Super Smartphone

UMI Super Smartphone Technological Spotlights

Here I gonna pick up the most attractive and competitive 3 technological features of the phone.

Battery capacity & Fast Charging

The phone has 4000 mah Sony battery capacity as I discussed in past paragraphs. You could browse internet up to 12 hours, nearly 120 hours music play, or around 15 hours HD video play. You can make almost 48 hours phone call under 4G environment after fully charged the UMI Super. Designed by the Super Quick Charging PE+ technology, you could be able to contact in the case of emergency. What’s more, for only 5 minutes quick charge you can talk up to 2 hours , and for about 30 minutes charge, you can normally use the phone for a whole day.

Mail GPU System Performance

The phone is integrated with the brand new Helio P1o CPU, which has a 2,000 GHz frenquency and a 2.0 GHz processor speed. For GPU it mounts the current world leading graphic processor technology: the Mail GPU. Hence the processor speed can reach 700 GHz for its GPU. Besides UMI Super’s 4G RAM memory allows quick and reliable system performance. Its Android 6.0 Marshmallow allow users to download plenty apps from Google Online Store.

Sunlight Design Screen

The phone features a 95% color-saturation SHARP display. Hence it has overall better color saturation for wide angle viewing. You could also use the phone to read, watching photos or video recording in the sun for its sunlight sun design. Some other Chinese smartphone brands like Xiaomi or Meizu has also used this sunlight technology to improve color saturation. UMI Super has aerospace aluminum body design, and that’s popular among most of smartphone brands.

UMI Super Smartphone

UMI Super Smartphone Video





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