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Ultimate arm Overview

Currently, the Ultimate arm that designed by the Konami company, will remain attached to users via titanium implants.  Weighing ten pounds with both the harness and battery attached, users’ arm isn’t necessarily light as far as prosthetic go. However, users did notice and state that it doesn’t hinder him at all. Developed in conjunction with the Konami-created Phantom Limb Project, the hope is that the UK will eventually medically approve the Ultimate arm for use by other amputees within the UK. When some avid video gamer lost their arms in some transports accidents, one of the world dominant video game developer Konami enterprise teamed up with leading robotics engineers to craft him an innovatively unique Ultimate arm.

Ultimate arm

Ultimate arm Konami

Recently at Barata’s studio, test participants’ prosthetic connects directly to their shoulder’s remaining muscles, which control an articulated plastic hand installed to the end of their arm. Konami did do some researches about body structure of human beings. Sophie Barata, the prosthesis designer, has planned to design the Ultimate arm similarly to the prosthetic worn by the protagonist in Metal Gear Solid. After a few months researches and developments, testing participants’ prosthetic is finished. It’s even more outrageous than originally thought. As in most prosthetic sensors attached to the skin surrounding his shoulder detect movements and send the necessary reactions via the arm and hand.

Ultimate arm

Ultimate arm Future Plan

Designed and installed by a company called Open Bionics, prosthetic of testing participants boasts a working flashlight, a USB port built-in to the wrist for charging a mobile, a laser light and many other similar fully functioning drone and smart devices. According to testing participants’s view, they didn’t want to look like the Terminator which might disturb anyone else. Well, the truth is not only testing participants regain use of their arms with the assistance of the Konami company and a team of professional prosthetics researchers, but also the new Ultimate arm features an operational UAV.

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