Ulefone U007 Smartphone Android 6.0 OS 8GB ROM $49

Ulefone U007 Smartphone Introduction


You may have seen lots of times when 007 agent escaping from a bloody shootout because his smartphone saves his life, which he put it in jacket. Just imagine such kind of smartphone come true in reality, and it is the Ulefone U007 mode. Actually James Bond did use U007 in the show !!! How cool would it sounds. Ulefone U007 becomes a perfect smartphone for those users who do not require very high performance but want a product of acceptable quality with all-round functions and super budget price level.

Ulefone U007

Ulefone U007 Smartphone Design

U007 comprises of plastic material. Based on my product review experiences, plastic is the most common material used in budget friendly category. Ulefone U007 has beautiful side frames and its width is in good size. Its unified body provides users solid skeleton and a premium visual look with good touch feeling. Its back cover is removable. You can customize the back cover with different colors.

Ulefone U007


Ulefone U007 Smartphone Connection

If you open the rear part of the smartphone, you can see its removable battery, and some other connection parts such as Micro SD slots, SIM slots etc. The Box sound chamber aka speaker,which offers clean and better bass sound, is at the bottom of the Ulefone U007. U007 has 5-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720p. Its colors are bright and vivid based on IPS technology. The Corning Gorilla Glass 3 is used in Ulefone U007 to make its screen robust and scratchless.

Ulefone U007

Ulefone U007

Ulefone U007 System & Camera


U007 uses MediaTek’s Quad-Core processor called MT6580. It is operated based on the latest Android Marshmallow. The system has a number of cool features, for exampel, the air and off-screen gestures, a somatosenor which enables to attend calls without even touching the screen. Ulefone U007 has 8MP front camera and 13 MP rear camera by using Song IMX 149 Exmor. Also for its cameras LED flash are settled. Compared with Omnivision sensor, Song IMX 149 Exmor ensures better pictures in low light conditions. 

Ulefone U007

Ulefone U007 vs Famous Brands

ZTE, another Chinese well-known smartphone enterprise, has recently revealed its high-end smartphone mode: the Nubia Z11 in Chinese market. Compared with U007, Nubia Z11 also does “Super Star” marketing strategy. For its Cristiano Ronaldo series, the price is around $300. In contrast, U007 only has a price level of around $50 ! If you checked the operating systems for Nubia Z11 and U007, you would find the former mode only has Android 5.1 processor. If you compared its price with Blackview A8’s, you would find Ulefone U007 and Blackview A8 have quite close prices because they all belong to “$50 Smartphone Club”.


Ulefone U007 Smartphone Conclusion

Well, Ulefone U007 still need to be improved in some parts: it only has 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage, but you could expended it up to 64GB. Nevertheless, Ulefone U007 has really good camera sensor and operating system. Hence, it is a very good deal for its $49 price level.

Ulefone U007 Package List:

1 * Ulefone U007 Cellphone
1 * USB cable
1 * Charger
1 * User manual in English



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