Top technology inventions from 2000 to 2010

In this article I will list and discuss the top technology inventions since 2000. These top technology inventions cover industries mainly from digital marketing or social media networking. I will rank them based on my perspectives and experiences. If you have any different views please feel free to join the discussion and leave a comment.

Top technology inventions No. 1 Apple iPhone

iPhone 4, which was the first smartphone series of Apple company, came into the market for sale in 2010. Now six years have passed and worldwide Apple fans are still waiting for iPhone 7 series. Although there is a large number of all-round functional smartphone brands have much cheaper price than iPhone, it seems that iPhone firstly opened the door that way to the smartphone innovations. Hence to me the release of iPhone 4 was a milestone to the world smart electrics market. What’s more, iPhone was the first touchscreen smartphone mode. It could be controlled by a finger rather than requiring a stylus. iPhone was once spawn the entire industry with worldwide manufacturers developing their own versions of the device. So far more than 800 million iPhones have been sold all over the world. Well the biggest challenge for iPhone and Apple company is : how can iPhone series still be competitive in worldwide smartphone market when facing lots of budget free new brands. 

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Top technology inventions No. 2  Google Android

Non-Apple mobile phone manufacturers were desperate to compete with the first iPhone mode smartphone. However, these new companies needed an device operating system that could compete with iOS system, and that’s why Google Android came out. Android was originally created as an open source OS for cameras. However, it was bought by Google in 2005. Latter in 2008 it launched a mobile OS. Google Android is now the Top technology inventions system for many famous smartphone brands such as Samsung, Sony, or HTC. Actually, it boasts over 80% global market share. The innovation of Google Android also brings a series of new Top technology inventions brands especially from China.

Top technology inventions

Top technology inventions No. 3 Facebook 

I think for this one I don’t need to introduce a lot since you are quite similar whit it. Facebook was cam out in 2004. Actually it was not the first social network because the Facebook CEO Mark it built on the success of some earlier sites MySpace and Bebo. In later years Facebook quickly overtook its predecessors because of its simplicity and exclusivity. At the beginning you need a university email address to register with Facebook. Nowadays Facebook connects over 1.6 billion worldwide users who from a vast array of backgrounds, nationalities and ages.

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Top technology inventions No. 4 YouTube

YouTube was created by some former PayPal employees in 2005, and it has grown to become the world’s most popular Top technology inventions video-sharing platform. The most important factor of its success is the ability for anyone from any countries to broadcast themselves for free. Therefore, you can search and see lots of updating news events, political messages or music clips on YouTube.

Top technology inventions

Top technology inventions No. 5 Skype

Skype, which came out in 2003, has changed the way people communicate with each other from different countries. It used to cost a lot to call family or friends abroad. Instead, Skype made it possible to speak to people by video chat in WiFi environment. Skype has now launched on mobile devices.

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Top technology inventions No. 6 Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology was came out in 2000. However, it wasn’t until the start of the 21st century that manufacturers began to adopt it in mobile devices and laptops. Bluetooth has become an outstanding part of Top technology inventions with more connected gadgets.

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Top technology inventions No. 7 4G Connection 

International Telecommunications Union specified some requirements for the fourth generation of internet connection (4G) standards in 2008. 4G provided much faster internet speed than 3G network for mobile broadband. 4G has very high data capacity and it can support many devices such as IP telephony, gaming services, HD mobile TV, video conferencing etc. 4G services are now accessible to nearly 93% of the UK’s overall population.

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Top technology inventions No. 8 Mozilla Firefox

Firefox, which came out in 2002, was the first web browser to challenge the leading role of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Firefox was free and open-sourced, hence it appealed to Windows users who did not want to be locked into Microsoft’s Top technology inventions.

Top technology inventions

Top technology inventions No. 9 BBC iPlayer

BBC’s internet TV service, iPlayer, was into the market in 2007. Many channels such as ITV are all now offer their own on-demand services. It arrived when streaming full-length films and TV programmes was still a fairly niche hobby. However, BBC iPlayer changed the trend in the UK market because it allowing users to catch up on TV shows at their convenience.

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Top technology inventions No. 10 Amazon Kindle E-Book 

Kindle, which came out in 2007, was not the first e-reader on the market. However, Amazon company ended up stomping all over its main rivals by providing cheaper devices and offering Top technology inventions integration with its digital e-book platforms. Currently Amazon company controls about 80% of the UK E-book market. As a result, many other E-book competitors have to quit the market.

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