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Top budget tablets CHUWI® HiBook Technological Overview

Recently I ordered a CHUWI®® HiBook top budget tablets. It has Trail Z8300 quad core with 1.84GHz processor speed. The touch screen is around 10.1 inches based on multi-point design. Hence you can put down all your fingers on the screen to control the interface. The display resolution is 1920 times 1200 pixels, which is more clear than the 1080P quality. The RAM is 4GB, while the ROM is 64GB. Its appearance is lightweight ultra-thin metal with CNC cutting technology. The OGS Display enhancement technology is also used in the top budget tablets for IPS retina display. It has dual cameras with 2MP for the front one and 5MP for the back one. A series of connectivity features such as Bluetooth 4.0 and light sensor can be used via the top budget tablets. The CHUWI company officially stated that the tablet HiBook fits Android 5.1 and Windows 10 OS. For gaming experience the tablet operates based on the 8th generation of HD GraphicsGaming. You should also notice that CHUWI HiBook top budget tablets only has Chinese and English for its built-in Windows OS operating system. However, you could download other languages by WiFi via online app store.

Top budget tablets

Top budget tablets CHUWI® HiBook Hands on experience

The package arrived in well condition. Some accessories are included in the box of top budget tablets like USB cable and power adapter. I was glad for the additional packaging since when I opened the box there was not a lot of protection for the device in the event shipping got rough. The top budget tablets was enclosed in a light plastic bag and a plastic screen protector. The weight of the top budget tablets was around 19 oz. The device was pristine without any kinds blemishes. The tablet has two speakers which for me seem quite adequate. SD card expansion up to an additional 64 GB, and the tablet also has mini HDMI output, Type C USB connector and microphone function. The top budget tablets has no problems connecting and reading SanDisk 64GB microSD cards. The built in WiFi function had no problem connecting with external devices like Linksys router.

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I think one of the most impressive selling points for the top budget tablets is its dual boot feature. Hence I was able to get both Tablet OS’s I needed. Switching between the Windows and Android OSs went very smoothly. While the spec is pretty it is even more impressive when you have the top budget tablets in your hands. I also noticed that there is a 1.5 mm gap between the glass and the screen digitizer. so some of you may not like such kind of design. Charge time from zero to 100% is about 2 hours, and its standby battery consumption is very low. Well one thing should be considered was that when Androids systems has been setup from long standby WiFi mode, sometimes the top budget tablets cannot connect, hence need to recycle flight mode or disconnect the WiFi to make the tablet work. The colors are deep and rich and the images rendered are very clear and crisp. However, the screen is not fully laminated.

Top budget tablets

Top budget tablets

Top budget tablets CHUWI® HiBook Final Thoughts

Overall CHUWI HiBook is a great top budget tablets for its price level. If you compare many Andorid Top budget tablets with same screen sizes as CHUWI HiBook’s, you may find many of Top budget tablets do not have adequate RAM. What’s more, I bought the case with the built in Bluetooth keyboard and it did work well. Sometimes you may need a Bluetooth mouse for its keyboard, but if you don’t fancy using keyboard, it is fine to use without mouse. This tablet is great for those who need Windows 10 or Android interface for certain applications. If you got problems about WiFi connection just update the tablet with a firmware so will be good for use.


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