Tablet Teclast X80 Pro Quad Core IPS Screen 4K Video HDMI

Tablet Teclast X80 Pro Introudction


Nowadays different brands of tablet have been come to worldwide markets. It seems that we are witnessing a new Era of advanced technology and gadgets. It makes me feel just a few years ago when we were using those small mobile phones with only few functions such as phone calls. We now have Windows and Android installed in a Tablet. The Chinese enterprise, Teclast, is launching budget and all-round Tablets. Teclast does not only focus on single category of technology gadgets. Let’s check together for the Teclast X80 Pro tablet.

Teclast X80 Pro

Tablet Teclast X80 Pro System Performance


Teclast X80 Pro operates based on Android 5.1 or Windows 10 systems. During tests we found that the tablet could auto correct and update for Play Store with the latest system fixes. Overall the tablet operates good and smoothly during our tests. For gaming Teclast X80 Pro is also good because it makes me feel like there are tons of games for me to choose, for example, some famous car racing games run smoothly without lags. If you played shooting games, Teclast X80 Pro also does well. Actually, the tablet could even run some games those have very high requirements for desktop devices. Teclast X80 Pro supports a wide variety of codecs for multimedia, for example, MP3, MP4, FLAC, AVI, MKV and so on. You can even purchase a large amount of games, apps, movies, on Microsoft Store.  Its twin speakers is loud, clear and easy to catch up. It also has a good loud volume output.

Teclast X80 Pro

Tablet Teclast X80 Pro Screen


Teclast X80 Pro has a 1280 x 800 screen which uses IPS technology. Hence you should bear in mind it is not a retina type screen. The screen is sharp enough in Windows systems. However, if you were reading Word texts, you may not feel the screen is as sharp as in Windows systems. Nevertheless, Teclast X80 Pro appears good display in Android systems. Its brightness is overall good, but could be improved for higher notches. During our using tests, we hardly see any kinds of dead pixels on the screen. Compared with another famous tablet brand mode Chuwi Vi8, Teclast X80 Pro has less dead pixels but less brightness on screen.

Teclast X80 Pro

Tablet Teclast X80 Pro Battery, Storage & Connectivity

Teclast X80 Pro can get around 8 hours of battery life since it has 5000mAH battery capacity. Teclast X80 Pro has exact capacity as Chuwi Vi8’s battery. I was able to get 5 hours from the X80 Pro in Windows systems with around 56% brightness as well as WiFi environment. We also noticed that sometimes we could see its battery usage is just around 10% for a quite long time. However, for this case we did not meet any kinds of battery shutdown problems. It seems to be a little wired, may be just a small bug. Its internal system storage is 32GB, and you can expend it up to 128GB by using additional SD cards. Teclast X80 Pro supports Bluetooth 4.0 and HDMI connection.

Tablet Teclast X80 Pro Design

Teclast X80 Pro is made of plastic and metal materials. You can feel very solid in hand when using it. Not too much gaps when hold it in hand where the front and rear panels meet. Teclast X80 Pro can tackle basic office and web tasks with ease. Teclast X80 Pro has a 8 inches screen and the overall weight is around 350 grams. You may not think it is chunky for its 8.0mm width. The size of Teclast X80 Pro makes it easy to place in a purse or bag and it is indeed super portable. Well, that’s probably one of the greatest feature to have a 8 inches screen tablet.

Teclast X80 Pro

Tablet Teclast X80 Pro Conclusion


Overall, based on what we have tested and analysed, Teclast X80 Pro offers good hardware performance with budget price. When we used this tablet we haven’t encountered a single bug or a glitch. It would be a good option if you were looking for good deal tablets for your kids or yourself. Compared with Chuwi Hi12, or Chuwi HiBook, Teclast X80 Pro only has half price of Chuwi tablet series.



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