Star Trek VR Gaming Virtual Rality Gaming Experience

Star Trek VR Gaming Introducion

Star Trek probably is one of the most dream VR games for many VR players. If you watched the USA show The Big Bang Theory, you may noticed that Sheldon Cooper mentioned Star Trek many times. Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment have finally produced the Star Trek VR Gaming on VR platforms. The Star Trek VR Gaming was firstly released at E3 event 2016. The core design of Star Trek VR Gaming may initially is the IP and the strong branding potential.

Star Trek VR Gaming

Star Trek VR Gaming Testing Experience

The demo version of Star Trek VR Gaming will guide players the basic controls on the helm of the ship. Players can learn how to do a series of actions such as to plot destinations, engage warp drive, and so on. The sense of VR presence was in very good display quality once players appeared inside the game. Players could also choose to do some tasks like completing with animated arms, and physically turn to check around for your team mates. For example, to turn your head to check the crew and everyone was tapping. The role of engineer in Star Trek VR gaming is to route power for the ship, which makes me feel very real and close to the reality.

Star Trek VR Gaming

Players could also slowly watched their ship’s shields. In some cases Klingon ships appeared and started opening fire to our ship, but we are ready to fire on any enemy ships. I use the navigation module to press the console with my index finger and adjusting ship speed to turn different directions. If I immediately start deploying evasive maneuvers, this would cause us trying to juggle the need of survival and fighting back.

Star Trek VR Gaming


Star Trek VR Gaming Conclusion

In my opinion the most impressive factor of the Star Trek VR gaming is its social interaction among ship team mates. Players can be able to walk and check around to feel like the game if you got a chance to experience the game at E3 2016. So that seems to be the most magic part of Star Trek VR Gaming. Star Trek VR Gaming is in development for the Oculus Rift using the Oculus Touch, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR.

Star Trek VR Gaming

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