Slim Keyboard 2.4GHz Ultrathin Wireless with Mouse $11

Slim Keyboard Technological Features Overview

The slim keyboard is based on wireless design and you can also find a mouse in its package box. It has compact size and light weight, so makes me feel really easy to use in my bedroom or office. According to the official technological features, the mouse is adopted infrared AVL technology, so it has strong adaptive surface ability and smooth surface. Both the slim keyboard and the mouse are not disturbed mutually. Individual network ID, which can be automatically matched, is set for the slim keyboard and mouse. Also if I left my seat for a while the keyboard would be automatically switched into sleep mode.

Slim Keyboard

Slim Keyboard Typing Testing

The keys are spaced the same as my normal slim keyboard, like any new keyboard it takes some time to learn how the hand feels and the fingers move to the lower profile keys. However, I think the slim keyboard fits any size of hands, not just small hands. The keys on the keyboard have a nice tactical mechanical keyboard feel. It does not make me feel like bubble switches or squishy. It also provides a good typing surface. I got it to write without taking big PC with me. At the first sight I think the layout of this slim keyboard is based on Apple’s keyboard. Hence that might be a problem especially for Windows users for gaming etc. However, you could solve the problem by simply remapping locations of those functional keys. One thing I really like about this slim keyboard is that, in spite of a somewhat smaller area, its keys are elevated making them easier to press. Therefore, it may make it less prone to getting crumbs in the slim keyboard when I using it to do multi-tasks. Also I don’t need to worry about the delay between pressing the keys and it typing.

Slim Keyboard

Slim Keyboard Device Compatibility

This slim keyboard is compatible with up to 30 types of multiple devices. I used it with my Kindle, Android smartphone, such as Samsung Galaxy S4, and laptop running Windows 10. I had no problems with any of those. External devices are easy to setup.  It is no different typing directly from this keyboard to my other smart devices such as Kindle as it is typing on a wired slim keyboard onto my computer.  It also synced very easy with iPhone series and I thought it would be just be good for typing but no I can unlock and lock my phone, change my music, take screen shots etc. 3 batteries with AAA sizes are needed for the keyboard, and 2 AAA sized batteries are needed for the mouse. However, batteries are not included in its package list. Based on its pros, this is a good slim keyboard especially for the $11 price level. The slim keyboard and for the price it was worth a try. The cost is cheap but the quality is not.

Slim Keyboard

Slim Keyboard Specifications

Main color: White + Silver
Keyboard battery: 3 * A AA batteries (not included)
Mouse battery: 2 * AAA batteries (not included)
Keyboard size: 28 * 11.5 * 0.5cm
Keyboard weight: 300g
Mouse size: 11.5 * 6 * 1cm
Mouse weight: 50g

Slim Keyboard Package list

1 * Wireless Slim Keyboard
1 * Wireless Desktop Mouse
1 * Slim Keyboard Protective Cover
1 * USB Receivcer



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