HOMTOM HT7 PRO 4G 13MP Smart Gestures $86 FREE Delivery


HOMTOM HT7 PRO Introduction Smartphones are getting better and better with time. As the time passes, more and more people around the world are getting their hands on the best smartphones. People who have used flagship phones will never want to go back to other phones because of the compromise on specifications. However, there are people who don’t have such huge amount of money to buy such expensive phones but they don’t want to spend their money on some product that delivers absolutely no performance. That’s where HOMTOM HT7 PRO comes in the picture as a perfect option for people who want a great phone at an affordable price. HOMTOM HT7 PRO Testing System Performance HOMTOM HT7 PRO is a

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DOOGEE X5 Dual Cameras Smart Gesture FREE Delivery $57


DOOGEE X5 Features Overview It is unfortunate that so many people around the world believe that affordability has to come with some compromises on quality. There are so many different companies even in the smartphone industry that have proved this notion wrong. Doogee X5 is a smartphone that will change your mind and make you a believer that high price does not always mean good quality and vice versa. Now, Doogee X5 has to be one of the most affordable smartphones on the market but it needs to be mentioned that DOOGEE X5 also offers all the great things from the DOOGEE X5 world to its users. DOOGEE X5 Testing This amazing DOOGEE X5 has a big 5-inch screen that

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CUBOT X15 4G 5.5″ 16MP Camera Quad Core Global Delivery


CUBOT X15 Features Overview There is always that one particular feature on every flagship smartphone that sets it apart from the rest of the phones. But what if you could have a phone whose every feature is an amazing feature? Cubot X15 is a smartphone that has been designed by intelligent minds. Its features might look like the features of other phones but the innovative minds of its makers have taken each of that features to a completely new level. First, this phone is made with materials used for making planes. This makes its internals robust without being heavy at all. CUBOT X15 Testing It might have a 5.5-inch screen that you see on other smartphones as well but it

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TV Box MXQ Pro® Android 5.1 Quad Core 4K HD FREE Delivery


TV Box MXQ Pro® Technological Features I ordered one and give it a go.  The main ingredient of the TV Box MXQ Pro is Kodi Media Center with good performance. For the $31 price level the MXQ Pro TV Box is cheaper than Fire TV Stick. Based on my testing experiences, Android TV boxes are a good option for those who mainly use Kodi on them. If you want to try new intelligent platform which just like a smart phone & a Tablet, you should try this smart Android TV Box. You can greatly enjoy videos, music, photos, etc and install or uninstall software, games and application programs. TV Box MXQ Pro® Hands on Testing Overall the MXQ Pro TV Box was very easy to setup. Kodi came

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Interphone WOUXUN® Scramber Compander FREE Delivery


Interphone WOUXUN® Introduction One of the best toys you can ever get for your kids is a walky-talky. Do you remember a brand of phones called Nextel? Nextel used the walkie-talkie was one of their main features and it made it become one of the most popular phones during its era. Hearing the chirp noise is one of the coolest parts of having a walky-talkie. But, you don’t want to buy a phone just for that. You just want to be able to provide something fun for the kids which will allow them to play all sorts of fun games. They can imagine themselves as security, cops, robbers, or even use it to talk with one another even if they are

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USB Wall Charger Dodocool® Quick Charge FREE Delivery


USB Wall Charger Dodocool® Overview In recent times, mobile devices that utilize the USB wall charger are common and are what lots of people use these days. Nonetheless, if there’s a particular challenge that accompanies the smartphones and the tablets, it is running out of power in just a moment. When considering USB charging the majority of people think of the regular cable that has to be plugged into a laptop or computer to charge the device. There is, however, the USB wall charger that provides much more convenience. USB Wall Charger Dodocool® Testing With USB wall charger, there is no need to fret about power running out when you don’t have a spare USB port for charging your device.

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Stereo Earphone Bluetooth with Mic FREE Delivery Warranty


Stereo Earphone Features Stereo earphones are an incredible accessory. They are simply the ideal item for music lovers in spite of how they listen to music. There have been great strides in their advancement, and those who take pleasure in music are recognizing how cool their music sounds via a smart pair. If you really love musical tunes, stereo earphone will help make your music sound good and also help keep you from hearing outside noises that disrupt your fun. Most of the innovative stereo earphone make your tunes sound as nice as it does live. A person with a decent home stereo understands how significant an amplifier is to have quality music from the audio speakers. Stereo Earphone Hands on Someone

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Bluetooth Earphone Portable Stereo Built-in Mic FREE Delivery


Bluetooth Earphone Features Bluetooth earphone are innovative communication accessories you can use together with your phone to speak with people. Some years back these particular devices were invented and open for public production. Bluetooth earphone are helpful to just about all categories of individuals who have mobile devices. They are often used in combination with CD players and network walkmans that have the Bluetooth feature enabled in them. Bluetooth Earphone Hands on The bluetooth earphone are of significant benefit because; to start with they are completely wireless. This implies there’s no wire connected to the bluetooth earphone and the mobile device of any sort. Hence, there is a complete convenience to hear radio telecasts, listen to music and so on. Next,

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USB Connector Tangle-Free Reversible FREE Delivery Warranty


USB Connector Product Features Reversible Design Getting frustrated by choosing the correct side of charger to plug in the phone every time? No more, get this double sided dodo cool TPR tangle free male charging cable and make charging easy than ever before. The male charging cable is reversible on its sides with gold plated connectors for micro USB port. Synchronization Dodocool® is not just a reversible cute charging cable, but also a fast data traveler which can transfer data at the rate of 480 M The charger works at full 2.4A electric current that adds in the application for everyday use. Premium Quality Designed with reinforced pulling-resistance terminals and soft TPE jacket, the 3.3ft usb connector is more durable, flexible

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USB Charging Cable Quick Charging LED FREE Delivery


USB Charging Cable Technical features Unique design Tired of your charger getting stuck in itself all the time? Get this new USB charging cablewhich is anti-winding, simple and compact designed equipment easy to handle and efficient to work Magnetic Connector This unique USB charging cable comes with a detachable magnetic connector which makes charging fun and easy. This magnetic connector reduces the abrasion while inserting or plugging out the cable and charges the device both ways. Multi-tasking If you need equipment to charge and to transfer data from your smart device then this USB charging cable is the key. It is a multi-tasking device which performs as a mobile charger, data transfer cable and anti-dust plug. Compatibility This smart little USB

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