Outdoor Watch Youngs® SOS Pacer Bluetooth FREE Delivery


Outdoor Watch Youngs® Overview We have many smart watches available in the market with wide variety of functions inbuilt. Those are great smart watches no doubt. But one problem was the cost. Most of those high end smart watches came with a high price tag. Youngs crystal Smart Watch is different from all those. Youngs comes at a low cost of only $49.42. Just because this outdoor watch is cheap doesn’t mean there are no features in it. On the contrary, this outdoor watch is loaded with all the essential features that a smart watch must have. Outdoor Watch Youngs® Hands on Testing Let’s start from the display unit. Youngs smart watch has a 1.54 inch capacitive touchscreen with 240X240 pixels resolution. The

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Smart Watch Zeblaze crystal Bluetooth 4.0 FREE Delivery


Smart Watch Introduction Zeblaze is a smart watch made for outdoor use. You might be thinking that don’t all watches are made for both indoor and outdoor uses. The difference here is that this smart watch is specially made for outdoor use. It can be used in all physical conditions. The smart watchlooks just like an ordinary watch. The design and looks are exactly matching any other ordinary digital watch out there. But the performance is no ordinary. Smart Watch Hands on Testing The smart watch has very good build quality. It is water resistant up to 100 meters. This is a perfect gadget for those who go out to places where there is water. You can use the smart watch when going on

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Xiaomi Scale Android 4.4 Bluetooth 4.0 Global Delivery


Xiaomi Scale Intorduction Xiaomi is spreading its legs day by day in the field of electronics equipment. Usually we have seen Xiaomi launching smartphones but, the fact is that Xiaomi is working towards making most of the electronics. Other than smartphones, we have seen Xiaomi manufacturing budget friendly fitness bands, Laptops etc. You won’t believe but we have even seen Xiaomi making Water purifiers, Yes, that’s true Xiaomi also manufactured water purifiers. It seems the Chinese company wants to wet their hand on each and every category of electronics. The main reason why they are succeeding is because of the budget friendly devices. Xiaomi is known for the budget friendly devices that challenge the other brands hi-range of smartphones and

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Stick Holder Remote Button for Smartphone Global Delivery


Stick Holder Introduction iPhone have revolutionized the word “Selfie” as they are one of the best camera phones. People these days take many photos of them and their family or surrounding using their phones camera. But some time we need an extension to adjust all we need into the photograph. Selfie stick holder are great to capture photos and videos. There are 2 types of selfie stick holderavailable in the market, one operates on Bluetooth Wireless tech and another on simple wire. On Bluetooth stick holder you need to pair it with your phone and these stick holder operates on battery which usually have runtime of 200 Clicks. But if you want something that’s as easy as plug and play and

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Charging Stand KKMOON® Eco-friendly Lightweight Portable


Charging Stand KKMOON® Overview Having a charging stand could really help you to keep things organized. If you own multiple gadgets, then you know it is a mess to leave them all on the table top to charge. Lots of connector cables and all those devices spread over your working area could make really an unpleasant situation. So what solution do we have? We could have a charging stand right. But then again if you buy a charging stand for every device you own, how could it reduce the mess? The answer is KKMOON 2 in 1 charging stand holder. It is a charging stand that supports high end smartphones and Apple iWatch. Charging Stand KKMOON® Features You couldn’t expect

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Stereo Earphones MacaW® Wired HiFi with Mic FREE Delivery


Stereo Earphones MacaW® Overview Nowadays, wireless and other Bluetooth technologies have been fashioned to give more flexibility of movement, and to enable headphones to communicate with a wide array of technologies; nevertheless, there are yet lots of benefits to utilizing wired technology. As a wired handset, the wired stereo earphones have numerous benefits over the wireless headsets. Stereo Earphones MacaW® Hands on Testing Simplified Setup Stereo Earphones often do not require special configuration; users only plug them into the device using the earphone jack or a loop or perhaps a dedicated headphone port and start using them. This is different in the case of cordless headsets that require compatibility settings to be made, and software program to be installed before the

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ipega Bluetooth Gamepad Telescopic Wireless FREE Delivery


ipega Bluetooth Gamepad Introduction Mobile gaming has never been as prominent as it is these days. As a matter of fact, 75% of all the iOS App Store revenues comes from gaming applications. The appeal is quite apparent: Our fast-paced daily lives make it difficult to sit for a couple of hours and devote all our attention to nothing but the Television screen. Not only this but, smartphones have become so powerful and efficient that mobile gaming experience provides you with an incredibly similar level of gameplay complexity and graphical fidelity as console or PC games. In spite of all of this, there is yet an area where mobile gaming falls short, and that’s controls. Playing a precision-based platformer or

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KKMOON Mini Wired Microphone Mobile Studio FREE Delivery


KKMOON Mini Wired Microphone Introduction What is one of the best ways to liven up a party? Drinks? People? Dancing? All of these can definitely do the trick. But there is a missing ingredient from the three listed above. And, that my friends is music. Without music, the world would be a dull place. Songs have been created for years as you can find all sorts of instruments created through history. But the number one instrument of all, is the human voice. Never can such emotion be displayed in such a wide spectrum within the manner of a couple of seconds. I am being so straight forward with you that music can lift moods, create a fun atmosphere and encourage people to socialize

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Oukitel K10000 4G 10000 mAh Battery 5.5″ Global Delivery


Oukitel K10000 Features Overview If someone just told you that Oukitel K10000 is the most unique phone in the world, believe their words instantly. Oukitel K10000 from Oukitel has to be the beast among all other smartphones that you have ever seen. Most people who hold this phone for the first time like to say, “we have never seen anything like this before” so don’t hide it if you feel like saying the same after seeing this phone too. It seems that Oukitel created Oukitel K10000 to live forever. The specifications of the phone and its build quality can hardly be matched by any other smartphone out there. Oukitel K10000 Hands on Testing Keep reading if you like to get

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Meizu MX5 4G 20MP Camera AMOLED Screen FREE Delivery


Meizu MX5 Introudction The more you read about Meizu MX5 the more you fall in love with this phone. Meizu MX5 is as if the company took its time to look for the best of everything that could go on a phone and then found some way to put it all in one place without charging its customers a ridiculous price. Meizu MX5 looks perfect with round corners and a display that has extremely small side bezels – so small you can almost ignore them. There is a physical home button on the front and the volume and power buttons are located on the side. Meizu MX5 Hands on Testing Meizu MX5 is different in that it offers you a completely

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