OUKITEL Smartphone K6000 Pro 6000 mAh 16MP Waterproof

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Shenzhen, China has again published a highly valuable smartphone deal. With a price level of just around 150 dollars, the brand OUKITEL has recently announced its K6000 Pro mobile model that could be a strong competitor to iPhone and Samsung series smartphone. Let’s check in details about the OUKITEL K6000 Pro.

OUKITEL Smartphone K6000 Pro

OUKITEL Smartphone K6000 Pro Advanced Battery Capacity

Battery quality is definitely a spotlight of K6000 Pro technological features. This model has 6000 mAh high capacity Li-Po battery! You may doubt about this battery figure, but in reality after tested we can sure K6000 Pro really has 6000 mAh. For gaming, surfing website or watching HD films, this one can last around 4 to 5 days. You could also fast charging it with 9V charger, or use it as a OTG power bank to charge up to 7 devices simultaneously. With only 5 minutes charging time and its MTK Pump Express Flash Charging technology, you can talk up to 2 hours!

OUKITEL Smartphone K6000 Pro

You could see video below for battery capacity test :)

***Reminder***: if video didn’t show please click this link to watch:

OUKITEL K6000 Pro Battery Capacity Test

OUKITEL Smartphone K6000 Pro Unbreakable and Waterproof Design

OUKITEL can do much more not just its brilliant battery. The appearance design of OUTKITEL K6000 Pro uses LTPS 2.5D, and Dragontrail 2 glasses. You may have not heard about Dragontrail 2 Glass, but it is 8 times stronger than sodatime type glass. Its whole body is based on metal frame, which is made from aluminum alloy, anodic oxidation process, and CNC precisely crafting cuts. So all these features makes your phone hard to break, easy to hold and smooth feelings. Furthermore, OUKITEL K6000 Pro even has waterproof function that iPhone and Samsung S6 do not have! If you carelessly drop your OUTKITEL K6000 into water, or even quagmire, the model could still functions well as before. You could check the following official video released by OUKITEL company for waterproof test.

***Reminder***: if video didn’t show please click this link to watch:

OUKITEL K6000Pro Waterproof Test



OUKITEL Smartphone K6000 Pro High Camera Resolution

K6000 Pro provides 8MP front camera and 16MP rear camera, and it uses dual LED. Its instant operation allows you to shortcut beautiful view only within 1 second, and you could sharing pictures by Hotknow APP face to face with your friends, or to other social media channels like Google plus, twitter, facebook etc. K6000 can take automatic photos by just saying “Cheese” or even giving a gesture. You could also clip your photo for any shape you prefer by pressing menu button for a few seconds. The gesture unlock function could let you quickly access APPs or internet through draw certain letters on the screen. Screenshot is simply taken by sliding down 3 fingers together on the target screen.

OUKITEL Smartphone K6000 Pro

You could refer to video below for the video display quality between iPhone 6S and OUKITEL.

***Reminder***: if video didn’t show please click this link to watch:

OUKITEL K6000Pro VS iPhone 6S Video Display Test


OUKITEL Smartphone Famous Brands Comparison


We have tested and compared OUKITEL K6000 Pro with OUKITEL K4000 Pro, iPhone 6, 6S and their plus series, and Samsung Galaxy S7 and S6. Technological criteria are: design, camera, performance, battery, features and selling price for original version.

For the design aspect, K6000 Pro has bigger size than Samsung Galazy S7, equal size with iPhone plus series, but heavier than iPhone and Samsung. For camera and video desply, OUKITEL K6000 Pro has even better camera resolution than iPhone and Samsung, but lower video record quality than iPhone and Samsung. For system performance, K6000 Pro has less CPU and GPU cores than Samsung, but more cores than iPhone series. For battery part, K6000 Pro does better than iPhone and Samsung. OUKITEL K6000 Pro also has waterproof and image stabilization functions that some iPhone models do not have.

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OUKITEL Smartphone K6000 Pro Conclusion

So overall, OUKITEL K6000 Pro has better front and rear camera quality, better battery capacity and waterproof than latest Samsung and iPhones series. However, OUKITEL should improve their video record quality and processor GHz speed. If you are searching for all-function valuable smartphone with budget price level, OUKITEL K6000 Pro would be an excellent choice. We are expecting to see what else new functions OUKITEL company can do for next year.

Package list:
1 * OUKITEL K6000 PRO Smartphone
1 * Power adapter
1 * USB cable
1 * English Use manual
1 * Screen protector

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