Keyboard Instrument Portable 61 Keys USB MIDI Warranty

Keyboard Instrument Technological Overview

The keyboard instrument has connectivity for USB and MIDI ports. It is Roll-Up design. It has 61 keys. So for portable keyboard instrument most producers prefer 49 keys, 61 keys and 88 keys. A few companies may producing 37 keys, so that’s really basic ones. Just like many other budget keyboard instrument, this one can be rolled-up so easy to carry. You can record your songs and then edit it on external devices like laptops via USB connectivity. Generally the keyboard instrument is compatible with a series of operating systems like Windows XP, Vista, Mac OSX, or some music software such as Sonar, Cubase, Nuendo etc.

Keyboard Instrument

Keyboard Instrument Comparison

Well, I have tested and write a number of product reviews about keyboard pianos, and one thing I really need to strengthen is that: generally, portable typed keyboard instrument have good functions and techniques, and they are really good for music beginners. However, they are not full sized pianos. If you were looking for very professional music piano, you should better look for those larger pianos with a number of sustain pedals. This keyboard instrument is good for music beginners to practice or learning a new tune. It’s certainly not a musical instrument but it does make musical sounds which are accurate. This keyboard instrument is very close to a true piano sound, the black notes raised just enough to get the feel of playing.

Keyboard Instrument

Keyboard Instrument Hands on Testing

I noticed that the keyboard instrument should be better avoid wet or high temperature working environment. Also it cannot be placed nearby strong electric waves, otherwise may effect its sound quality and correction. The main body of the keyboard instrument cannot be twisted with 90°. You should not roll it up too tight since a few of its keys may broken. I found a CD in its package, it was for me to install the keyboard instrument. It looks great, all the keys work. No problem with getting it to start. The keys are very touch sensitive. It takes sometimes for me to get use to. It easily fits in a large purse or in my drawer. I also use it with my headphones sometimes. Keys on it are reasonable even though they do not drop down. Overall it’s a great piece for its price. One more suggestion from me is that a sustain pedal could be came with the package box.

Keyboard Instrument

Keyboard Instrument Specifications

Model: MD61S
Material: Silicone
Input Voltage: USB 5V
Color: Black + White
Mainbody Size: 18.6 * 5 * 2cm
Keyboard Size: 88 * 17.4 * 0.5cm
Item Weight: 761g

Keyboard Instrument Package List

1 * USB MIDI Roll-Up Piano
1 * USB Mini 5pin cable
1 * Software CD
1 * Instruction Manual in English


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