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Interphone WOUXUN® Introduction

One of the best toys you can ever get for your kids is a walky-talky. Do you remember a brand of phones called Nextel? Nextel used the walkie-talkie was one of their main features and it made it become one of the most popular phones during its era. Hearing the chirp noise is one of the coolest parts of having a walky-talkie. But, you don’t want to buy a phone just for that. You just want to be able to provide something fun for the kids which will allow them to play all sorts of fun games. They can imagine themselves as security, cops, robbers, or even use it to talk with one another even if they are in the same room.


Interphone WOUXUN® Testing

The interphone Walkie Talkie will allow you to do just that. The interphone is one walky-talkie that has plenty of features to make it a must have. It has a duplex repeater which will allow people to talk to one another, a duplex work mode, dual receiving, and a large colorful screen which will display important information. You can expect to find the dual band display along with the two independent operation systems available. You can offset the frequency and the interphone has 999 memory channels! I have no clue what you can do with that many memory channels as not even TV has that many channels. You will at least rest assured knowing well enough that this walkie-talkie interphone will have you covered.


Your Walkie Talkie interphone will also be protected as you will have QT/DT encoding/decoding along with the QY/DQT scan. You will have the ability to define what each side key does. You will also have an incoming message display to show you who you are speaking with along with caller ID display. So if by any chance, someone manages to get onto your encrypted channel, you will know who you will be talking to. You can have a group call or just talk to one person if you so choose. There is also a SOS function of the interphone so if you go on any hiking adventures, you will be taken care of as you can use the SOS function in order to call for help.


Interphone WOUXUN® Final Thoughts

If you need another alarm to add to the hundreds of alarms you need in order to wake up in the morning, then you are in the right place. This walkie-talkie interphone has an alarm feature as well. If you want to track your time for your climb or even play time, then you will he pleased to know that there is a stopwatch feature on this walkie-talkie interphone. Seriously, this walkie-talkie interphone is extremely versatile and it is a must have staple for a home. You can use the interphone for fun, for adventures, for work or even for emergencies as there are so many features available within this tool. If you are curious about getting one, then don’t wait any longer. Try one out today!


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