Home Projector JmGO G1 2.4G WiFi Bluetooth 4.0

Home Prjoector JmGO Brand Introduction

JmGO home projector is a new brand for professional projectors, and can be used for home theater, like in bedroom or living rooms, family game playing, house backyard cinema, or business presentations. JmGO G1 is designed by Bobby Chan, the Germany Red Dot competition winner. It is not just a home projector that based on Texas instruments DLP projection technology and Android intelligent system, JmGO G1 can do much more. The home projector also supports active 3D glasses, and can accommodate digital TV tuners, game platforms or hard drives.

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Home Prjoector JmGO Technological Insights

JmGO home projector uses built-in Android 4.3 system and 2.4G WiFi or Bluetooth 4.0 mode. JmGO G1 also has brilliant stereo sound produced from its 5W dolby digital plus Hi-Fi speakers. JmGO’s Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity could make its stereo sound as a Bluetooth speaker. JmGO has 1,500 lumens quality for excellent images display in daylight. The dynamic contrast is 1000:1, and it throw distance range is 20 to 300 inches. The home projector is based on quad-core ARM cortex A9 processor, 2GB Ram and 16GB flash storage for additional APPs. Multi-external speakers are supported by JmGo such as gamepads, USB 2.0 or 3.0 flash drive, wireless mouse, digital camera or laptop. The projector has only 1.55 kg weight. It has a lifetime of 30,000 hours, and equipped with OSRAM LED lights.

Home Prjoector JmGO Excellent Sound Quality

JmGO brand focuses on product detail precision: removable dust screen, non-slip mat, around 19 hours carefully carving, and hoisting screw hole. JmGO also did especially well in its clean and transparent sound quality. Manual debugging sound test have been taken carefully from indoor corners for every JmGO home projector.

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Home Prjoector JmGO Remote Control

JmGO’s remote control system is a cylindrical unique appearance that uses AAA batteries and based on 2.4 GHz. Although it is made of plastic material, its multifunctional features can do volume adjustments, focus alterments, different modes switch: home, options or mouse modes.

Home Prjoector JmGO Users Setting-Up and Image Display

Setting up new user profile is easy with just a few plugs and turnings on buttons, and when finished set-ups you could preinstalled with many social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google Play or Skype. Images can be altered in brightness, contrast, ratio, size, angles and so on. For example, if you turned on the JmGO home projector and then log into Google account, you could easily download different apps like Google Chrome or other Android ones.

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Home Prjoector JmGO Features to be improved

JmGO home projector still needs to improve a bit in some aspects to be 100% prefect. Its display quality is somewhat between 720P and 1080P, but adequate for home use like watching movies. The speaker button could be audibly controlled, but so far only in Chinese version. Another just-so-so part is the mouse mode, sometimes it is too sensitive and only works perfectly when users pointing to the controller very directly at the projector. Alternatives for mouse mode could be small toggles, which makes more convenient to scroll web pages. Moreover, JmGO only has one HDMI port, so if you want more ports you have to use additional remote controls.

Package List:
1 * JmGO Projector
1 * AC Power Cord
1 * Power Adapter
1 * 2.4G Remote Controller
1 * Bracket Joint
1 * English User Manual


JmGO home projector may not have better HD display than LG or other similar brands, but overall JmGO indeed is a brilliant choice at its price level. For some 1080p display projectors, the selling price could be over 1,000 US dollars, in contrast JmGO home projector only sells nearly half of the price.

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