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Driverless Car Introduction

Currently the Germany headquarter of BMW company is cooperating with Intel and Mobileye to develop brand new Driverless Car for the auto industry, which is planed to be released around 2021. Automakers largely dictating Driverless Car terms for suppliers to manufacture their Driverless Car at specified amounts and prices. Technology managers from Intel company believed that high Driverless Car will require powerful and reliable electronic brains to make them smart enough to navigate traffic and avoid accidents. Car producers are increasingly striking up partnerships with technology firms using open technology standards, searching for harness their expertise in areas including machine learning and mapping as they race against Silicon Valley companies like Google or Apple.

Driverless Car

Driverless Car New Innovation

Sophisticated controlling Driverless Car systems already enable hands-free Driverless Car because computers allow cars to automatically brake or accelerate on road at low speeds. However, in this case human being drivers are still required to stay in control. The new Driverless Car platform would be made available to multiple car makers in huge amount by 2021. BMW, Intel and Mobileye will develop Driverless Car with even higher levels of automation described like eyes off ! Car industries see huge profit chances for autonomous Driverless Car market. However, it is unclear how many drivers will be prepared to relinquish control and reactions from law policies and government. Intel staff argued that creating common technology standards would help all manufacturers update their cars faster. A normal way to standards will also make it easier for regulators to understand auto Car cars while still leaving enough scope for individual car manufacturers to customize their Driverless Car.

Driverless Car

Driverless Car Final Thoughts

Besides technological aspects, there are legal doubts over who is responsible for car accidents. BMW CEO Harald Krueger stated that for BMW group, safety issue always comes first. Car accidents are very sad, and actually sometimes technologies are not ready for series production. BMW, Intel and Mobileye plan to demonstrate their technology in a prototype in the near future. For example, auto camera and software maker Mobileye will supply its Road Experience Management (REM) technology and make its EyeQ5 chip available to be deployed on Intel computing platforms. What’s more, Intel, which is the worldwide leading computer chip maker, has been searching for expanding into the automotive Driverless Car market. Plans from Intel company will supply the microprocessors, or central processing units, to control an array of sensors.

 Driverless Car

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