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DOOGEE X5 Features Overview

It is unfortunate that so many people around the world believe that affordability has to come with some compromises on quality. There are so many different companies even in the smartphone industry that have proved this notion wrong. Doogee X5 is a smartphone that will change your mind and make you a believer that high price does not always mean good quality and vice versa. Now, Doogee X5 has to be one of the most affordable smartphones on the market but it needs to be mentioned that DOOGEE X5 also offers all the great things from the DOOGEE X5 world to its users.


DOOGEE X5 Testing

This amazing DOOGEE X5 has a big 5-inch screen that gives you a high definition display. This way your video entertainment is never compromised and your wallpapers always look vibrant and full of colors. The phone is made of plastic but Doogee has to be given the credit for pulling off such an amazing design using the most commonly used material in the world. The textured back of the phone has been intelligently developed to make DOOGEE X5 stick in your hands. No more will you drop your phone on hard surfaces and go for those unwanted expensive repairs.


The buttons are located on the sides so your smartphone experience remains smooth even if you move to other phones at times. You have the camera available on the back and on the front. The back camera is coupled with a flashlight to take great shots even in dark conditions. The back camera on the phone is 8MP and even the front is 5MP for great shots. If you don’t expect great performance and specs on an affordable phone like this, now is your time to change your views. DOOGEE X5 has a 1.3GHz processor that has 4 cores i.e. DOOGEE X5 has a quad-core processor.


With this amazing quad-core processor you get 1GB of RAM so your phone never lags when you switch between applications and play the newest games on the Play Store. Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system is there which happens to be one of the most stable operating systems in the lineup. There is 8GB of storage capacity available on DOOGEE X5 which is only enough for basic applications and some pictures. But of course, DOOGEE X5 has made sure you don’t have to do any compromises on storage space and so there is an option for you to add a 32GB external memory card.


DOOGEE X5 Final Thoughts

If you have been worrying about how you will use your personal and work SIMs on two different phones, your problem has been solved with the dual-SIM support on this amazing phone. While the biggest flagship smartphones are reducing their battery sizes, Doogee X5 comes with a huge 2400mAh battery. DOOGEE X5 is available in two colors: white and black. The company could definitely think of adding new colors because that’s the only thing where you are short on choices. So go ahead and take a look at this phone and try out a few photos while you are at it.


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