Dongle Receiver LENGEE WD01 Wi-Fi Display TV Stick 1080P

Dongle Receiver Tech Specifications

Lengee WD01 is used for WIDI WIFI display and it only weights 31g. The WD01 mode is based on single-core CPU ARM cortex A9 technology. Its GPU can support 3D graphic with open GL ES2.0 and VG1.1 2D or 3D. The mode also supports various wireless display adapter from your PC, tablet, android device or laptop to TV and projectors. Media types included photos, videos, app, music and web sites.

For the connectivity, the dongle receiver supports full 1080p HD wireless audio and video transmission. The resolution is 1920*1080p. The WiFi connection is 802.11b/g/n/ac mode, 2.4 and 5GHz dual band. These features all ensure connection signal is strong and the Lengee WD01 is against jamming.

For the design and appearance, the dongle receiver is in mini size and light weight, so makes your outdoor trip convenient and cool.

Dongle Receiver

Dongle Receiver Multi-Functions

Lengee WD01 dongle receiver could provides your wonderful digital life for your business and family activities: on-line videos, especially very fast connection to YouTube channel, or Sky stream. You could also share-moments with family, wireless presentations, mobile gaming or micro map on your car as a GPRS. If you prefer to download a miracast app from Google Store, it only takes your around 2 minutes to finish these steps. When you put TV on the right source, the device will show as ‘ Ready to Connect” and you can connect it at once.

Dongle Receiver Other brands Comparison

Overall for technological functions, this WD01 mode is closer to a regular LED TV, and you don’t need to install any more software. Similar to Microsoft Wireless display adapter, this Lengee WD01 dongle receiver has no skipping issues. Generally the majority of wireless dongles have no problems with non-intense display including this one. For the price, the Lengee brand is cheaper than Chromecast or FireTV, but Lengee covers all the functions the latter two brands have. So as a conclusion the Lengee WD01 brand is a quite good economic deal.

Dongle Receiver

Dongle Receiver User Reminder

Please note this Lengee WD01 dongle receiver supports intel WIDI notebook, windows 8.1/10, and tablet with miracast. For mobile device it supports android smart phone above 4.2 with Miracast. In case for Windows 7, the product should be tested on Intel website by visiting: You should also notice that an open HDMI port on your own TV is needed before use this WD01 mode. You are also required to power USB, like powerstrip with AC adaptor.

 Dongle receiver

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