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Chuwi Tablet Introduction

Chuwi is a high value tablet deal compared to its similar brands. Although its price is considerably cheaper than other brands, Chuwi Tablet Hi12 model still has excellent functions and would be a quite good alternative to Apple or Microsoft tablet if you wanna try some new taste. This review will go through details in all-round technological aspects based on using experience for your order reference.

Chuwi tablet

Chuwi Tablet Connectivity&Design

Chuwi Hi12 model has high quality aluminum case and very susceptible to scratches. Its stability is really good and the operating noise is very low under strong pressure. No gap is between its display and glass. Chuwi tablet Hi12 has multiple and various ports that provide users with great convenience: TF card, 3.5m headphone port, micro-USB, HDMI, USB 2.0 and 3.0 types. Chuwi tablet Hi12 is based on Realtek RTL8723BS 802.11n, which is 2.4GHz. This model can up to 5MB per second in conjunction. In comparison, an second-hand Macbook laptop Pro model can reach up to 10MB per second based on 2.4 GHz system. Hi12 also support Bluetooth 4.0, wireless mouse or keyboard with no interference. Keyboard is not include in the Chuwi tablet Hi12 package, but a separate keyboard could easily transfer your Hi12 into a laptop. However, we recommend you to use its micro-USB charger with caution in case of high volts.

Chuwi tablet

For input aspect, Chuwi tablet Hi12 is designed for unmodified Windows 10 on-screen keyboard. Since its 12 inches large screen users can easily review websites or typing on it. During our using experience its large screen shows great accuracy and quick respond time. However, under high operating pressure cases, a few typing error may occur. No digital pen is supported for this tablet.The weakness of Chuwi tablet Hi12 design is its 1.8lb net weight, so you may feel a bit heavy when holding in hand for general tablet. The large edges surrounding the Hi12’s screen accounts for most of its weight.

Chuwi Tablet Camera & Gaming

Camera resolution is a relatively week point of Chuwi tablet Hi12 model compared to other famous brands like Asus or Microsoft. Chuwi tablet Hi12 only has 2MP front camera and 5 MP rear camera, but adequate for photographing invoices and documents use. For gaming aspect, Hi12 may not run smoothly for some advanced professional game plays that require really high HD quality, but the model is good for other types of games.

Chuwi tablet

Chuwi Tablet Display

Chuwi tablet Hi12 has remarkable 12 inches big retina display screen and a resolution of 2160*1440 pixels. However, when using under battery mode, sometimes it may dims. Hi12 shows great color accuracy, and may even surprise professional photographers. The gap between glass and display screen, which further occur intense reflection may result it difficult to present out door use as good as indoor use. Its IPS panel, however, makes really good viewing angles.

Chuwi tablet

Chuwi Tablet Performance

Hi12 is based on Intel Cherry Trail-T3 Z8300 processor model and integrated HD graphics card. The operating system is Windows 10. Its 4GB RAM is also excellent despite Intel only support 2GB for non-cherry trail series. Compared with Chuwi Vi8 plus tablet model, Chuwi tablet Hi12 model has lower efficiency in processor due to high resolution screen. However, video play effects only a little in this case, and no occasional stutters or lags for its hardware decoder. 4K high quality videos on YouTube can run very smoothly on chuwi tablet Hi12 screen.

Chuwi tablet

Hi12’s 64 GB storage is very valuable for its price level, and its 150 MB per second is really good for read performance. For read and write performance speed, Hi12 is quicker than Vi8 Chuwi series tablet. Chuwi tablet Hi12 has really good multitask ability. You can still browse website smoothly when multiple Google chrome tabs and news blogs go on.

Chuwi Tablet Battery

Chuwi tablet Hi12’s battery could support around four hours gaming, seven hours internet surfing, or five hours business documents checking. Docking and undocking is quick and the tablet response at once. If less than 10% battery it takes about 4 hours to reach full battery. Charging time may vary depends on gaming or video display.

Chuwi Tablet Famous Brands Comparison

We compared together 9 tablet brands including Chuwi tablet Hi12 based on their technological insights and price level. Criteria are: consumer support, system performance, battery power, connectivity, design, screen display and camera quality. Brands name are ordered from lowest to highest price. Leading factor of Chuwi Hi12 tablet is in green.

The graph can be enlarged by double clicks.

Chuwi tablet

Chuwi Tablet Conclusion

Overall, Chuwi tablet Hi12 is a great buy if you are searching for good performance tablet with low price level. It is a highly economic deal compared with other similar brands in the tablet market. Hi12 tablet just has nearly half price of Apple iPad’s or Samsung, and around one-quarter price of Microsoft Surface tablet, but Chuwi tablet Hi12 has very close functions and technological spotlights. This low-end tablet with premium screen and full-size USB makes your work and entertainment much enjoyable.

Package including: 
1 * Chuwi HI12 Tablet PC
1 * Charger
1 * USB Cable
1 * English User Manual

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