Charging Stand KKMOON® Eco-friendly Lightweight Portable

Charging Stand KKMOON® Overview

Having a charging stand could really help you to keep things organized. If you own multiple gadgets, then you know it is a mess to leave them all on the table top to charge. Lots of connector cables and all those devices spread over your working area could make really an unpleasant situation. So what solution do we have? We could have a charging stand right. But then again if you buy a charging stand for every device you own, how could it reduce the mess? The answer is KKMOON 2 in 1 charging stand holder. It is a charging stand that supports high end smartphones and Apple iWatch.

charging stand

Charging Stand KKMOON® Features

You couldn’t expect a lot of features in a mobile charger stand. But this one is a really useful item.

The first useful feature is that the charging stand can hold both your Apple iWatch and your smartphones. Unlike other models, KKMOON 2 in 1 charging stand holder can hold all recent models of Apple smartphones. It can be used to hold iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus. Not only that, it supports several android smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge, and some models of HTC. If you look at this list of supported phones, you can see that the charger stand can hold phones with varied physical dimensions. So most of the smartphones that are currently available in the market should work fine with it.

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The charging stand is made up of good quality bamboo, as they claim. The design is elegant and looks good. It is not one of those cheap plastic made mobile holder for sure. The slot for holding iWatch is specifically made for it, so the grip will be good. Also there are many groves and slots in the appropriate positions, which is something useful. It will make sure enough air is getting flowed through the charging stand, thus not making your device to become too hot during charging. Soft pads are provided inside to make sure no physical damage occurs to the device when we put it in the holder for charging.

Charging Stand KKMOON® Specifications

Material from which stand is made of: Bamboo

Compatibility: Apple iWatch, iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6, TC smartphones

Physical dimensions: 14 X 6 X 5.5 CM

Weight: Approximately 165 grams (5.78 oz)

charging stand

Charging Stand KKMOON® Final Words

It is not mandatory to have a mobile holder for your phone. But truth be told, it really helps to keep your workspace clean and organized. The bamboo material really helps to provide a premium look, which you won’t get from any of those plastic made products. The KKMOON 2 in 1 Charging Stand Holder is very well designed, has elegant looks and supports all mobile phones along with the Apple iWatch. I don’t think you’ll get a better combination than this. After all quality matters.



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