Blackview A5 Mobile Quad-core Android 6.0 Dual SIM $35 Available from Germany Warehouse

Blackview A5 Mobile Introduction

We once reviewed the budget warrior Blackview A8, and it actually didn’t leave a bad impression. Blackview company has released more accessible device: the budget Blackview A5 with around $35 price level. It seems to be the cheapest phone on the earth that has Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system.

Blackview A5

Blackview A5 Design

I think sometimes phones with large displays may have a little bit difficult to manage since you may need oversized pockets. Blackview A5 has a 4.5-inch screen, and it fits comfortably in my pocket. The dimensions are 13 cm in length and 6.6 cm in width with 9.49mm thickness. Overall Blackview A5 weights around 144 grams.  The case of Blackview A5 is sturdy apart from plastic material. It is finely processed and coincides with the interesting mosaic back. The thickness of Blackview A5 is comparatively more as compared to other Chinese phones. Its buttons are recessed deep into the frame of the phone. The LED flash is on the left side of the phone and the speakers is at the bottom of it. You can see its two SIM slots on its rear side, and a Micro-SD slot on the top of Blackview A5. However, the phone has no notification LED. Blackview A5 makes me feel quite comfy to hold thanks to the curved back. Under the display itself you can find the usual trio of the capacitative control buttons. The rear removable panel comes with a tile texture on it and also doesn’t look half bad. For the first time of using you should first remove the safety sticker from the battery before trying turning the phone on. In this case you will save yourself from a fit of rage over the “non-functioning” phone.

Blackview A5

Blackview A5 Screen & Display

The phone has a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels. For a negligible price, the pixels of Blackview A5 is not a major concern here. The screen brightness is good, even it reflects a little bit in light. However, sometimes the screen still vivid under the sunlight. Overall Blackview A5 has a good viewing angle with the strong inclination of changing colors. The soft buttons on the phone is easy to use, but its touch screen sometimes seems not quite sensitive. Blackview A5 didn’t use any sort of fake bezels around its screen. 

Blackview A5

Blackview A5 Performance

System performance is the most advantage of Blackview A5 for a budget phone around $35. It has a Mediatek MTK6580 Quad Core CPU with 4 x 1.3 GHz cores and accompanied by a Mali-400 GPU. Simple games and apps like Google Maps can run on Blackview A5 flawlessly. Heavy gaming is not recommended for the phone since it only has 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM. However, its internal memory can be expended up to 64GB via external SD cards. BlackView A5 is operated with the latest version of Android Marshmallow 6.0. Blackview A5 is the only low-end and the cheapest phone to offer Android 6.0. PlayStore has been preinstalled. System UI Tuner in Android 6.0 version has been improved in terms of power consumption, battery and apps management. All updates are accessible through the OTA updates on Blackview A5. Testing Asphalt 8 on Low setting was perfectly playable. The gesture feature is available for the phone.

Blackview A5

                                             Mediatek MTK6580  CPU


Blackview A5

                                                             Mali-400 GPU

Blackview A5 Camera

The rear camera is 5MP SP5409 sensor interpolated to 8 MP, and the front camera is 2MP SP5409 sensor interpolated to 5MP. The colors are sometimes chilly but mostly mediocre. The camera as good as it focuses in the foreground. Hence sometimes you may see the background in your photos a little blurry. Shooting at night is not so good as photos in daylight, and this seems to be the major problem of Aperture of f/2.8.

Blackview A5 Connectivity

Blackview A5 supports all the 2G and 3G frequencies but doesn’t for 4G connection. Dual SIM support is available for Blackview A5 along with the Micro-SD card. Its network is strong enough to call. BlackView A5 is suitable for occasional navigation. Compared to many other budget level smartphones, Blackview A5 has strong and stable WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Wi-Fi reception and speed is slightly above average. The speakers are free from distortion. I have no issues with its GPS function so even the low-cost Mediatek chipsets are finally usable for navigational purposes it seems.

Blackview A5

Blackview A5 Battery

The battery capacity is around 2000 mAh. For moderate use the phone can be lasted for about 31 hours. The real on-screen time with heavy usage circled around 3.6 hours. Thinking about Blackview A5 lacks the performance for heavy lifting so it’s likely the power capacity that one person will use for one day.

Blackview A5 Conclusion

The phone pretty smooth Android 6.0 operating system, which can handle any basic tasks. If you wanna to find a $35 budget level smartphone with around basic functions for normal daily usages, or a backup phone, or something to your elder family members, Blackview A5 is a good option.

Blackview A5

Blackview A5 Package list

The package design Blackview A5 is simple. The phone was came in a small white box with the company logo on the cover and sides. The phone itself came already in a silicone cover, which is a nice touch considering the $35 price level.

1 * Blackview A5

1 * Battery

1 * USB cable

1 * Charger

1* Pair of earphone

1 * User manual in English


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