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Barclays App Apple Pay


Barclays now supports Apple Pay service on iPhone series. It is worthy to mention that Apple company does not allow third-party software to make use of near field communication (NFC) technology of iPhone series. Barclays members and clients in the UK can now use Apple Pay Barclays App. The digital wallet service was first launched in the UK. So far Barclays App has been the largest UK lender. Furthermore, Barclays announced in 2015 that the bank had no plans to join Android Pay or Samsung Pay.

Barclays App

Digital market researchers argued that a big driver to adopting Android Pay or Apple Pay is the in-app purchases, in which Barclays App consumers can have their personal billing information pre-loaded to help speed up bank transactions. Hence researchers believed Barclays App is a very clear benefit to users who can’t get via Barclays’ online tool.  Staff from the Barclays bank stated that Barclays App is passionate about helping customers access services and carry out their daily transactions. Currently both Barclays debit and credit card clients can use Barclays App to make payments via their Apple devices across the UK.

Barclays App Android Pay

Barclays has updated its Android Barclays App to offer UK customers to make daily payments. Payments that up to £100 via compatible terminals can be allowed by the bank. Android Barclays App does not have this limit if merchants agree to accept larger amount of payment. The Android Barclays App also allows clients of the bank to carry on spending if they lose physical cards. Once a card is cancelled, the bank can immediately upload the details of its replacement to the Barclays App.

Barclays App

Customers are told they need to wait up to two working days for a new account number to be created on their Barclays App account. Researchers argued that Android Pay had another factor in its favour: an increasing number of Apps allow users to use the Barclays App as a method to make payments without providing credit card details.


Barclays App Challenges


Apple Barclays App allows card details of bank consumers to be added to their Apple devices such as iPhone or even Apple watch. Apple devices can subsequently stand in for the physical cards. Apple company has yet to disclose any data about how widely the service has been used since it was launched in the UK. Some public media recently reported that just less than 1% of London daily public transport journeys had used the service despite support for Apple Pay is available to underground stations. Technology researchers argued that it would be wrong to suggest it had flopped. What’s more, researchers also pointed out that Barclays App and many other public banks have felt they had to support Apple Pay and similar services for different card terminals.

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