Apple WWDC 2016 Updates Great Advanced Technology

Apple WWDC 2016 Speaker Profile


Craig Federighi, who is Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering department, introducing a series of new devices and software in the Apple WWDC 2016. Craig graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, and he studied Computer Science. Craig has great views as well as thoughts about many Apple products, such as iOS development, Apple watch OS X and Apple HomeKit devices. He also leads one of operating engineering teams of the Apple company, and responsible for providing software updates for Apple products, for example, user interface, frameworks etc. Craig was once worked for NeXT and Ariba as chief IT officer. In 2009 Craig joined Apple to lead devices developments such as OS X Mavericks.

Apple WWDC

Apple WWDC

Apple WWDC 2016 What’s New for IOS 

Craig Federighi called the improvement of iOS in Apple WWDC 2016 as the biggest iOS release ever for Apple users. Since now Apple Music and Apple Maps have been redesigned for new notifications and 3D Touch. Also the brand new function “Raise and Wake” will wake the lock screen when you lift your phone. Siri has now available to worldwide App developers, and its daily requests is around 2 billion. App developers will be able to ask Siri to do a series of tasks, for example: sending a message through WeChat, calling an Uber, searching for photos on your personal social media platforms, such as Pinterest, or other similar things.

Apple WWDC

Apple WWDC 2016 Updates for Apple News, Music and Maps


Thanks to Apple WWDC 2016, Apple News now becomes accessible to over 2,000 publications and worldwide millions of monthly readers. Top featured news are added into Apple News for every categories such as sports, travelling or so on. Apple News now also features subscriptions. In this case you can read full newspapers and magazines on Apple News App. Apple Music has been redesigned for a few years. An increasing number of new sections have been added to Apple Music like albums and song lyrics. The redesign of Apple Maps will show more of a map when a user opens the app. Navigation of Apple Maps is getting easier too with directions to traffic and CarPlay.

Apple WWDC

Apple WWDC

Apple WWDC 2016 Apple TV


Apple TV is less than a year old but now it has 1,300 video channels and over 5,000 apps. Apple quickly introduced two kits for developers: ReplayKit and HomeKit. ReplayKit lets users live broadcast gameplay or save it for later. HomeKit will let Apple users control all the devices in their house, including Apple tvOS. Apple tvOS will roll out in a free update in Sep 2016. It is great to hear that Apple users can be able to use touch for navigation and Siri for voice command. Apple TVOS will allow channel downloading list automatically appear on your iPhone devices. Apple’s also announced a single sign-on system that lets users log into all of the network apps in just a few seconds.

Apple WWDC

Apple WWDC 2016 More to See

So far Apple WWDC 2016 has published many updates for Apple devices and software. In my opinion, in the future Apple devices and services could be improved in command center for more appealing devices. HomeKit could be updated by making more attractive connection with appliances. Apple WWDC 2016 shows that how well all these services work outside the Apple ecosystem. Also I think Apple company should focuses on Apple Pay and Siri in order to compete against some other famous figure in online shopping such as Amazon. The latter enterprise has already found partners for business cooperation in digital marketing. Finally, let me to make a guess: Apple Car may be come out for the following years Apple WWDC.


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