Airbnb Rental Law Issues from San Francisco

Airbnb Rental Law What Happened

It seems that recently Airbnb has in trouble. The rental service company filed a lawsuit against San Francisco city to block new amendments to a rental law. The law ask Airbnb to remove hosts from lists that haven’t been registered yet. If Airbnb rejected to follow the city law it could lead to criminal charges. Well the online digital rental services Apps have great impact on traditional hotels or taxi transport sector. Similar, another famous startup Uber has settled two class action lawsuits that will let its drivers to be independent contractors. Airbnb company further stated that Airbnb Rental Law violates federal laws, which includes Communications Act etc.

Airbnb Rental Law

Airbnb Rental Law Discussions

Some reporters argued that Airbnb has tried to cooperate with San Francisco to their flawed new ordinance. However, it seems that the company is forced to ask a federal court to intervene the law issue. Hence the court step is vital for Airbnb company, and it’s probably the best method to protect rights and benefits of hosts and guests. The city law of San Francisco’s pending ordinance would not punishes hosting platforms for their users’ details or information. Actually, it’s has no relationship with user details. Overall it is mainly about business competition and benefits.

Airbnb Rental Law

Airbnb Rental Law What to do

San Francisco officially legalized peer-to-peer home sharing back a few years ago. However, some city officials have tried to tighten the rules. Reporters and market researchers have accused Airbnb of contributing to tighter housing markets by capitalize on short-term rentals. Airbnb argued that it was investigating hosts in San Francisco with many listings in order to provide blacklist business companies. So far the amendment to Airbnb has not changed standards for hosts in San Francisco city. However, according to reports from San Francisco researchers, the majority of Airbnb hosts in San Francisco city that listed on the Airbnb site are not registered.

Airbnb Rental Law



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